Hotemoney Daily Comment: Can Bitcoin Market Break Through $6000?

According to google data, Bitcoin reported $5765.00, up $188.30, or 3.34%. Ethercoin reported US$169.27, up US$1.06, or 0.63%. The Swiss dollar reported a gain of $0.3035, up $0.0012, or 0.40%. The Litecoin reported $73.44, up $1.11, or 1.53%. Dash reported $117.22, up $0.34, or 0.29%.


Recently, bitcoin has been going up all the way but it has not made a big upward breakthrough. From the daily chart, the short-term top pressure of Bitcoin mainly looks at the $6,000 mark. If it can break through this position, it can be seen near $6,235. If there is a fall, observe the vicinity of $5,785. After dropping this point, you will see the $5,500 mark and the $5,357 mark.

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