Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Right Now

4.Security:Always check for how secure the exchange is. Exchanges having 2 factor authentication like email verification, google auth is good. It is always a good idea to store your long term hold coins on offline wallet. We dont want mtgox disaster again. Tip, Play safe with API keys,always disable withdrawal via API keys.

Currently Binance support 8 different languages. English, Français,, Español, Deutsch, , , .

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Bittex is in crypto space since 4 years and currently Bittrex has a large number of altcoins listed.

Also checkHitBTC Crypto Exchange Referral Program

Mineshart feature is not working since long time.If was a great feature for crypto miners but currently under maintenance

5.Cryptopia:Good exchange to buy new coins, lower marketcap coins.

These exchanges provide fixed price for buy and sell. Fixed price fluctuate with coin price. In such exchanges buy price is higher and sell price is lower. e.g zebpay in India.

On comparing with other exchanges, Etherdelta have very fast deposit and withdrawal time. Once the transaction is confirmed on blockchain, funds are available instantly for trade whereas other cryptocurrency exchanges requires extra 4-30 confirmations.

Literally no cons. One problem which I had with Binance earlier was that they didnt have stop-limit feature which is present in other exchanges like bittrex. On 11 Dec 2017 Binance addedstop-limit featureso now we will not be loosing our money while sleeping.

For trading Etherdelta completely depends upon

Coinbase customer support have received mixed reviews. I never used Coinbase you can share your experience via comments below

The best thing about this exchange is very low trading fees. Lowest I have ever seen in any exchange.Standard trading fees is 0.01% but if you use BNB (Binance Coin ) for paying trading fees then you will get extra

This was my list ofBest Cryptocurrency Exchangesto use right now. If yor like this blog post give it a social media share. Share your view via comments below.

Very few altcoins are listed at changelly exchange. So if your favourite altcoin is not there then you have to consider other crypto exchange.

One major blunder that you can not do on Etherdelta is typo mistake. Once it cost me $10, lucky my trade amount was very low.Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges where no matter what, how low or how high you placed the buy/sell bid, trade always get executed at highest exchange buy bid rate or lowest exchange sell rate but in Etherdelta this does not happen. If you missed or added extra zero then you are screwed as trade will not happen, rather bid will be placed and other Etherdelta user will immediately execute your bid trade.

We can trade bought cryptocurrency onGDAX(Coinbase subsidiary).Coinbase does not charge any fees to move funds between Coinbase account and GDAX account.GDAX currently operates in the US, Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

While trading on Etherdelta always pay attention and before submitting trade always coint the number for zeros.

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All above mentioned exchanges are great and I use them regularly.Binance,Bittrex,Etherdealtaare my personal favourites. There may be a case when you would need to join other crypto exchanges. So following are the points which you must consider before making your first trade.

Some coins take very long time for deposit, many confirmations are needed. Some coins may take up to 30 minutes and more.

Dont use such exchanges as they are more susceptible to fraud. In such exchanges users sets their own buy and sell prices. e.g localBitcoin, you are selling cryptos directly to friends or anyone on this platform.

Coinbase is highly regulated and trustable exchange. Safely store the customer funds.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

I use this exchange regularly for Arbitrage trading. As I have mentioned earlier liquidity is low is this exchange. So I place buy order below than current price in other exchange and place sell order above than current price in other exchanges. Once any of buy/sell order get executed I sell the coins in other exchanges for higher price or buy back with lower price.

For payments coinbase accept wire transfer, credit/debit cards.Successful transfer via wire take up to 5 days.Without verification coinbase implements weekly limit on buy/sell.

For some coins withdrawal fees is very high so if you are small trader then you wont be benefited via arbitrage trading between exchanges.

It is abroker type cryptocurrency exchange. Best part of this exchange is that it is the simplest to use. No KYC needed or long sign-up process, just signup via email and startexchanging cryptos.

If you are new to crypto world and never used cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance,Bittrex in past then I recommend you to start your trading journey with changelly. Site is beautifully designed and trading experience cant be more simpler.

You dont need to open so many tabs when doing

2.Trading Fees:Maximum exchanges have.025% taker fees and .01% maker fees. Anything above is not good and lower trading fees than these amount is great. e.g Binance with50% discounton trading.

In trading platform exchanges trading fees is around 0.2% but in changelly you have to pay 0.5% trading fees + network fees which goes to blockchain (miners).

You can buy Bitcoin with fiat currency on Cryptopia but option available for New Zealand citizens only. Exchange does not support BTC-Fiat trading pair.

on first year of trading.Check image below for fee structure. In other crypto exchanges trading fees is around 0.02%.

Changelly charge 0.5% trading fees with some network fees.All major altcoins are available for exchange on platform.

More than 400 altcoins are listed on this exchange.Good for you if you are looking to find next altcon gem.

,Cryptopia already has this feature

Daily withdrawal limit of 100 BTC and KYC is required.

If you live in New Zealand then you canBuy Bitcoin for fiat currencyvia wire transfer.Along with cryptocurrecy exchange Cryptopia prtopia provide other features like marketplace, block explorer, arbitrage,etc.

I am repeating again, this exchange is not for beginners. I might bring a tutorial for this exchange in future. If you never used Bittex,Binance or other related crypto exchanges then Etherdelta is not for you. Even Bittrex,Binance experience holders will find it difficult to trade on Etherdelta. Before doing your first trade on Etherdelta must check YouTube tutorials.

. Now trade cryptos anytime anywhere.

Bittrex take average trading fees where for makers it is 0.01% and for taker it is 0.025%.Withdrwal fees for some coins are very high. e.g. Bittrex BTC with drawl fees is 0.001 BTC whereas for Binance withdrawal it is 0.0005 BTC. I always prefer LTC for withdrawal .

The main problem with all decentralised exchange is that trading is not instant.Patience is required, trading on Etherdelta is like transferring token between two smart contracts.Generally successful trade take up to 5 minutes.

Following are the countries to which coinbase provide its services.

Exchange has a very bad UI, No search feature, token selection through one button via scrolling which also lags some time.Trade book does not update instantly and trading charts are very poor.

Daily withdrawal limit of 1 BTC and KYC verification needed.

Cons :No cons actually but initially you have to learn how to trade on such exchages.Not as simple as Broker exchanges.

3.Deposit/withdrawal Fees:Generally there is no fees on deposit but each exchange have different withdrawal fees.Bitcoin withdrawals are costly in every exchange and maximum time I use Litecoin  for withdrawal as for lower withdrawal fees.

Every now and then there are competitions running at Binance, participate to earn rewards. Just create account at Binance and get free giveaway rewards from Binance.

Coinbase services are not available globally. Limited countries are supported that are already named above. In India we dont have Coinbase, only option left is to buy Bitcoin from zebpay at 20% premium.

Etherdelta is decentralised exchange and I use it very frequently. As the name suggest it uses Etherum Blockchain. Almost every ETH based tokens, ERC-20 is listed on the exchange for trading.This exchange is not for beginners and not user-friendly as that of Bittex and Binance. Liquidity is low in this exchange and trade does not happen real-time.

Ive been trading on binance since 4 months and till now I have raised support ticket once, for ETH withdrawal issue. Although issue was due to ETH network overload but best part about Binance customer support that they respond to ticket within 8 hours and in next 24 hours my withdrawal was successfully done. Till now no bitter experience with Binance, you can share you views on Binance via comment below.

So many tokens are listed on this exchange for trading. Its very easy to list new ETH base currency on this exchange.It is very frequent that the first exchange any new ERC-20 based token get listed is Etherdelta. Profit opportunity.

Pros :Simplest to use. Guarantee that your order will go through.

1.Customer Support:Sometime we face issues like failed deposit/withdrawal then exchange customer support is required to solve our problem. Always check for customer support reputation for exchange before joining. Check my storyhereof using bad customer support exchange.

In this article we will be ranking such exchanges. In these exchanges price is set by the market and users buy and sell currencies with each other.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Right Now

Binance has faster deposit as compared to other exchanges. Once youve made the deposit very less confirmation is needed to start trading it. withdrawals are normal and generally processed within 5 minutes.

Coinbase monitors how you spend your cryptocurrencie. So if you are using Coinbase then stay away from transaction related to adult services,gambling,dark market,etc. If Coinbase found out that you are doing so then they may shutdown your account.

Currently only Chinese number are supported for two factor authentication.

If you are enabling API keys than disable withdrawal via API keys.

Currently Bittrex have 3 Types of Account.

Note : Dont participate in Telegram Pump/Dump, only the Admin and their premium member earn money doing this. Those guys choose altcoin which has a very low volume so very easy to manipulate. Better to stay away from such campaigns.

Customer support via online chat or phone.

5.Reputation:Check for exchange reputation online, Bitcointalk, reddit and other review websites.

Coinbase is very easy to use and user interface is easy to catch up. Recommended for crypto newcomers.

Wallet option on coin trade page as we have in bittrex.

This exchange is mypersonal favourite.Exchange conclued ICO few months back by selling the BNB tokens. It is one of the fastest growing exhange and I think they willl overtake other exchanges in near future.

Hope you all are making handsome amount of money with digital gold, cryptocurrency.Bitcoinis booming since last year and so are thealtcoins.Those who called Bitcoin a ponzi scheme earlier are now buying Bitcoins, no one wants to miss the Bitcoin bullet train.To get Bitcoin and altcoins, we have two options. One is to mine them or buy with fiat cryptocurrency. Like stock market exchanges we haveCrypto Exchangeswhere we can buy/sell/trade Bitcoin for this article I will let you know about theBest Cryptocurrency Exchangesto use right now.

Insured Bitcoin deposits are available. In case of hack or security breach you wont be loosing all your money.

Changelly was the first exchange I have used to get altcoins. User interface is very simple all you need to is send any coin to Changelly deposit address with exchange coin receiving address. Trade is done within minutes after Changelly receive your coins then within 30 minutes you get your desired exchanged coins in your wallet.

usually trade is done between 5 to 30 minutes. Unlike trading platform exchanges where successful trade happens in microsecond, in changelly trading is not instant. Crypto is volatile market 10% +/-  within 30 minutes is quite possible. So you  will receive less or more exchanged coins depending upon market price at the time of trade.

Bittrex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange which serves worldwide. Exchange has high liquidity and good amount of Bitcoin trading volume.To secure users funds 80% funds are stored offline and exchange has a large number of altcoin listed.

2 factor authentication via email verification and google authenticator is in place to secure your funds. If you dont know English then no worries this exchange has multi-lingual support.Want to trade on the go, yes this exchange does have anandroid and IOS app.

If there is transaction backlog on ETH network due to ICO event, cryptokittes recently then trading on Etherdelta will become slower.

At coinbase you can buy cryptocurrencies with credit/debit card and bank transfer.

For meBittrex KYC was done within 1 day unlike poloneix which took 30 days. withdrawal and deposits are normal but not as fast as Binance.

6.Liquidity:Exchange should have a high liquidity. There should not be a high gap in buy and sell bids. High liquidity means if you bought any crypto for $1 then immediately you can sell it for $1.

Operating since 4 years but not a single security breach incident, thats great. Email verification is required for every time withdrawal is requested or  when you try to login with new IP address.

Changelly platform is highly secure and used by many.We know keeping  money on exchanges is risky. Dont forget the mtgox 2013 hack where 850,000 Bitcoins were stolen from exchange.Unlike other crypto exchanges in Changelly you receive exchange coins directly to your wallet to which you hold the

On comparing with other exchanges which have fait currency buy support, Coinbase charge very less fees.

Pros :Low fees. Buy currencies at actual price.

Cryptopia is major exchange for dirt cheap altcoins.At cryptopia you will find altcoins which are not present at Binance,Bittrex. By cheap altcoins I dont mean Cryptopia list scam or fake coins.

Cryptopia is centralised exchange based in New Zealand. Getting started with Cryptopia is quite easy just signup using email and deposrit fund to start trading but non varified account have daily withdrawal limit.

Daily withdrawal limit of 3 BTC and KYC verification is required.

For cons I have to google it as I dont have any problem with them but I cant find any cons there also.Though there are few improvements which can be done to makeBinancebetter.

Me never faced any problem at Bittrex till now so no experience with customer support. But read online on other review sites that bittrex customer support took up to 7 days to respond.

Earlier poloneix was my favourite trading platform but with very slow deposit/withdrawal and no new coin listing Ive stopped using it and would recommend you to stay away.

Cryptocurrency exchangeis a website which facilitates buying/selling/trading Bitcoin for Altcoins/ regular fiat currencies. Generally no  ID verification is needed to start trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Without verification some exchanges put limitation on your account like $2000 daily withdrawal limit. To remove such restrictions you need to verify your identity with Passport, etc.

You will knowpros and consof each below but if you are in a hurry here is my list for best crypto exchanges.

Cons :High fees. Huge difference in buy and sell rate.

Binance is China based Centralised exchange, although not opened to Chinese users. This exchange serves almost every country and new altcoin got listed frequently after reviewing them.

With cryptocurrency buy and sell, Coinbase also provide wallet and merchant services.

Recently at Bittex I am facing very frequent lags where my buy/selling orders are not fulfilled at the real time.I know this is all due to more people joining in cryptocurrency. Bittex should upgrade their server to make our trading experience as smooth as butter.

Binance have two different trading views one for basic user and other for advanced users.

Only ERC-20 based tokens are supported. Not Bitcoin,Litecoin,Neo on etherdelta

6.Etherdelta:Arbitrage Opportunities and decentralized exchange.

Unlike Binance and Bittrex, Etherdelta is decentralised exchange. Exchange does not run on centralise exchange rather uses smart contracts to which you hold the private keys.

ive never had problems with cryptopia but read on many forum that Cryptopia customer support is very slow and poor.

Coinbase is one of the best brokers and trading platform in the world. 8 Million register users on the platform are enough to prove such inbase serve 32 countries worldwide and best part of Coinbase is that we can buy cryptos with fiat currencies.

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