Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Exchange Reviews

CoinJar Review Australia Bitcoin Exchange

Well I have been trying to get through to them for best part of 2 weeks now . I have provided my docs and heard nothing apart from 2 replies to ems asking how they could help then you reply and they dont . For me it doesnt feel good Im annoyed they have my docs -identity fraud !!

LOCALBITCOIN muy exagerado cobrando comisiones..

Please help me check out please admin

where any update on bitsane? wanna know, need some help, some say good, some not, how to start

Been looking at using Cryptomate. Is it any good?

VirWoX Review BTC/SLL/ACD/OMC Exchange

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LedgerX Review CFTC-Regulated Trading Platform

4. Furcoins customer care support does not reply as needed even its 24/7 as it claim.

To summarize: I made my payment in full to purchase bitcoin and Furcoins failed to deliver my bitcoin as scheduled. SIMPLE.. a No-nonsense Swiss Crypto Portal Review – a Ridiculously Obvious Crypto Scam

BitPrime Review Reliable Bitcoin Brokerage?

3. Furcoins failed to provide proof showing my wallet is deactivated and unable to accept bitcoins despite numerous request.

Ive been requesting several times already for a screen shot from furcoins system showing that furcoins already sent bitcoin in my wallet furcoins wont provide it is not bad for ETH tokens.

Learn how to make money by investing in cryptocurrencies

PS: refund within 5 business days from day of request. (

Which is way beyond what furcoins guarantee to its customers of 45 minutes 6 hours waiting time to be deposited (see faq section

BitOasis Review UAE Bitcoin Exchange

lol what proof do u wanna get? there are always 2 freaky parties shouting like fraud scam shit & wow omg best 4ever

SUMMARY: still no bitcoin in my wallet (01/11/2018)


After being patient with Furcoins for over 24 hours waiting, it is a big consideration and gamble on my part.

BTC Pro Miner Review – BitMiner/BTC Miner is a SCAM!

Zero problem with I used the exchange at new year for the first time. I deposited some bitcoin to sell. Withdrawal took a few days to reach my coinbase account. Overall good experience and will definitely use Bitsane again.

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Kraken Review Dark Pool Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Thank you. This will spread awareness to individuals like me starting on cryptocurrency to be vigilant and exercise extreme caution.

Under its faq section (

Shapeshift Review Altcoin Exchange, No Fiat

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Please give a review on and thunderbit.iothis sites are much rogue and I will like to proven wrong or true,thanks.

yeah, that works for me, but is it REALLY reliable, this Bitsane of yours? I cant afford myself to be jacked, been there already, its no fun

CanadianBitcoins No-Nonsense Crypto Brokerage for Canadians

Bitcoin Generator (BTCGen.Pro) Scam Review

While we enjoined you to desist from further unwarranted write up, we shall get back to you on the decision of the Board

Omnia Tech Review – Legit Crypto Mining or Scam?

would you review cryptopremier/en ? thx

Looking for a trustworthy exchange through which you can safely buy and sell bitcoins and other crypto currency? You have reached the right place!

CoinLoft Review A Promising Aussie Crypto Exchange? Review Viable Australian Bitcoin Brokerage?

Qryptos the worst cryptocurrency exchange I have ever used. They have held a withdraw for 3 days. When you email them, you will either get no reply back or a canned response. They never answer your questions. My Eth is still in pending status after 3 days. Never trust them. I will continue to tell my experience on the internet to discourage people until they do the right thing and simply release my funds. I hope you are listening Qryptos!!! (END) I hope Qryptos is not ripping people off!!!

I have not seen anything about Block Chain Wallet. Any information on it? is it recommendable?

Binance Review Aiming Straight for the Top?

Coin2Pal Review In the Mix Since 2013

I no nothing about updates, but I do know that Bitsane is pretty reliable. You should give it a try, just start with small amounts, they are not scamers and wont take your money away. all I know is that if you wont like it just forget it. its always up to you. good luck!

Yes, you can report online scams to the FBI at

I have researched what I can but found very little. It seems to be uk based.

Jan 9 furcoins confirmed to send bitcoin to my wallet, waited for 6 hours, to my surprise furcoins send it to the wrong bitcoin address (very unlikely)

24 hours passed, still no bitcoin deposited in my wallet Keep coordinating with furcoins customer support, all I just get is hold just hold

buy or sell bitcoins at I just did my first transaction with them and it was great!

I believe it is my right to have my payment be refunded as soon as possible. No need for the board to waste any more time.

1. Furcoins failed to deposit by using wrong Bitcoin Wallet Address from the start.

It should be similar to a customer sending screen shots confirming payment made thru western union or MoneyGram

NairaEx Review Nigerias Best Bitcoin Exchange?

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AIONNEXT is a complete load of shit only invest money there if you want to loose it you might talk to a guy named NICKO dont listen or believe a word he says

Very poor experience with HitBTC couldnt handle my personal data, so imagine my finances

LocalBitcoins Review Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Locally

How to Make Money Trading Cryptocurrency Day Trading Course Review

Furcoins confirmed bitcoins has been sent to my correct wallet, I am still waiting for bitcoin to be deposited in my wallet for 24 hours now.

Buy/sell bitcoins locally.LocalBitcoins Review. Reports of Its Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

Your email address will not be published.Required fields are marked* Review Another Canadian Crypto Exchange

How fast do you need this to be done? It usually takes me up to few hours to drop in some funds and rush for trading, then if youre not an expert limit maker, just wanna buy Ripple anyway market order gets executed at once. Come join Bitsane, youd love it, I say ?

Its amazing the one thing that really works is the one thing no one ever posts because it doesnt have an Affiliate Link. I have made since the start of the year over $50K. Bitfinex. Might want to look into it BTW,I havent used ANY of my Money. I mined it and then Sold it there and worked with it Since Then. So Nothing out of Pocket.

We wish to inform you that everything in respect of your newly provided bitcoins wallet has been noted and your bitcoins ready for transfer to your new wallet

xCoins Review Get Bitcoin Instantly

CoinTree Review Reliable Aussie Bitcoin Exchange or Thieves?

Did you spell this domain correctly? Because nothings coming up.

Question, isYobit a legitimate and safe exchange house. Seems like LiteCoin Cash is associated with them, and trying to make people trade with Yobit. Seems a bit scary as I see too many bad review about Yobit being a scam. What do you think?

AirBit Club (BitBackOffice) Review – Deceitful Ponzi Scheme Hybrid

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Can you make a review of the abovementioned site.

Accordingly, your hasty conduct has placed your Order on hold

QuadrigaCX Canadas Best Bitcoin Exchange?

Hi, Have you looked at trade satoshi? they have 3 coins im looking at.

no transactions have been made on my address for 24 hours already (very very unlikely)

I strongly recommend you buy or sell bitcoins at cryptoexmart. com because they provide great and fast services without the hassles of registering to all cutomers worldwide. I buy and sell bitcoins and they have never failed me!

Changelly Review Instant Crypto Exchange

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after furcoins found out that i shared my experience in the web, below is their response. let me know your thoughts about it

Jan. 10 furcoins claims technical problem associated with my wallet which made the bitcoins sent to bounced back and reassured bitcoin will be in my wallet in the next 3 hours.

2. Furcoins failed to deliver within 45 minutes 6 hours (maximum delay) as stated in your website. (over 24 hours still no btc in my wallet, But I still believe Furcoins can deliver)

In addition to bitcoins, you can buy Ethereum and Litecoin.Coinbase Review.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

SuperMining.Website Review – Just Another Cloud Mining Scheme!

Is this Bitsane reliable? wanna get some ripple before it gets heavy, need to do it fast, if its fast im all in for your bitsane

whether bitsanes reliable or not is up to you to decide but watch for the line: if smth gets so much controversial attention doesnt this mean theres a reason to make a big deal of that, eh?


Bittrex Review Still the Gold Standard of Crypto Exchanges?

LakeBTC Review Exchange, Wallet

Additional Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews

CoinSpot Review AU Bitcoin and Altcoins Exchange Review a Ridiculously Obvious Crypto Scam

I am a novice. Started with cryptocurrency Nov. 29. I have been using Coinsquare exchange. I prefer using CAD and linking directly with my Canadian Bank. Any thoughts on Coinsquare or alternatives.

It sure is. Here is review.

Poloniex Review Bitcoin Exchange

What are your thoughts on the exchange CoinSpot

How can I prove that a bitcoin transfer was made? By checking /address/youraddress you will be able to see the records of the coins that were sent to or from your address.

FRAUD Site. No payment received. Paid via PayPal Looks Legitimate (Yet the Community Hates It?)

Ive been requesting several times already for a screen shot from furcoins system showing proof that furcoins indeed sent bitcoin in my wallet furcoins wont provide any at all

Thats my experience so be careful

QuickBT Quickest Way to Grab Some Bitcoins in Canada?

Ice3x (iceCUBED) Review South Africa Exchange Review Viable All-In-One Crypto Platform or Scheming Operation?

BY ANY CHANCE is there a government site where scammers can be reportedsomething like the SEC???

Please let us know what are your trusted Bitcoin exchanges by leaving a comment below this page.

Bitfinex Review The A to Z of Bitfinex Bitcoin Trading Platform

I was optimistic I could experienced also what others had CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

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Top-rated Bitcoin exchange. Buy/sell 100 different crypto coins, including Ethereum, Dash, IOTA, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin. Solid charting with indicators, as well as ICOs rating and recommendations. Dont proceed with choosing an exchange before you read ourBinance review.

5. Furcoins failed to provide real time update knowing our Time zone Difference

I like Bitfinex but on the BitCoin Cash fork, they didnt credit 1 to other than this, its a great platform. And I wish I had made as much as Michael above

We just uploaded aFurCoins reviewto help warn the public.

KiteBitcoin Review Most Mysterious Crypto Exchange To Date!

Jan 8 furcoins received my payment to buy bitcoin amounting to USD 1022.09 thru western union

Always check with us before signing up with a Bitcoin exchange that is not listed below. We will usually be able to provide you with a free thorough review within 1-2 days.

Coincrest Review Avoid this Bitcoin Exchange!

However, it is with greatest dismay and shock that our Monitoring Team inform the Board about your write up on various platform on the internet deliberately calculated to slammed the image of this platform.

After more than additional 6 hours waiting, furcoins claims that my wallet is deactivated and my wallet is unable to accept transfer of bitcoins

Instant exchange of different crypto currencies (USD, Euro, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others).Changelly Review.

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It would be nicely to see an official Bitsane review here as it was mentioned by users frequently. I have seen some reviews elsewhere but cant know whether they are trustworthy enough. I intend to find one more platform to add to my trading places whitelist. That would be very courteous of you, thank you. Review Altcoin Exchange

Please can someone help with luno.. They are asking for my bvn for verification.. How true is that

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btw, furcoins never came back to me, just opening my emails and ignoring it. ?

Qryptos a New Kind of Cryptocurrency Exchange

3 Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal in 2018 (and a Couple of Not-so-good Ones)

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What I shared in the internet is what I experienced using your platform. To my dismay, the review I send to your website was altered entirely.

Why did I not receive the coins after paying? If your payment has been received and you do not get the bitcoins within 6 working hours after paying (maximum delay), contact the customer care support

Hi! what do you think about Aliexcoin? Ty Review Philippines Blockchain-Enabled Fintech Platform

I will order a review for you. In the meantime, be careful because apparently they have an affiliate program, so there will be probably be many false recommendations online. Moreover, there seem to be many complaints about their support. So the first thing I would do is send them an email and ask a few questions to test their responsiveness.

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itBit Review US Bitcoin Exchange or Scam?

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In view of that, an investigation has commenced to ascertain if you actually did before any step can be taken in respect of your Order

The reason I chose Furcoins from the beginning is the Positive reviews and customer satisfaction I read thru other platforms as well and in the review section of your website.

Bitstamp Review First Regulated Bitcoin Exchange

More than 24 hours delay to deliver is an unacceptable to any customer who believe in Furcoins that it can deliver as it claims.

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All of my concerns with you are supported with screen shots so it can be simplified for Furcoins to resolve. And it should be vice versa if you have any concerns especially with my BTC Wallet Address

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