Exchanging Your Money To The Digitized Gold

With them I no longer have to worry about safety of assets, good job. Keep it up!

Very efficient, exchange process is way faster when compared to others

Coincap gives you the complete authority to maintain and control your private keys with a multi- signature vault, and thus ensuring maximum privacy of your wallet and your digital assets.

Coincap provides you an instant exchange service using which you can send and receive digital currency an easy, automatic efficient way. All you have to do is select the digital coin i.e. Bitcoin or Ethereum and that is it! Your money is changed to the digitized currency.

Our highly experienced team of professionals ensure that your digital assets are secured. We undergo regular IT security and our sophisticated security system is one of the most secure system in the world. Our systems are constantly upgraded and tested to ensure that we are exceeding industry-best standards.

Coincap provide best exchange solution for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. I am very satisfied with the experience so far and i like it

Coincap is a digital currency exchange that provide institutions and professionals with a world class experience to buy and sell cutting-edge currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange.

Being the pioneer of Cryptocurrencies exchange industry in Malaysia, we have successfully processed hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions.

Digital Exchange Made Easy and Reliable!

Fast order execution, low spread, access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs

Select your preferred way to transfer money to Coincap account

Your Gateway To Decentralized Applications

Protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption, compliant with PCI DSS standards

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