Design Your Own Printable Play Money

Then of course it was straight back to playing shop!

Every little kindness helps and after spending an arm & a leg on INK these days, a free printable (or 6!:) is a true gift! Thank You again, and Happy Holidays!

Such a fun idea for children to design their own money the denominations as well as the content to be included on it. My children love to play all kinds of games using our cash register. We definitely need to use your printable to create some of our very own unique play money. Thank you for sharing this idea and printable.

It makes me smile to see the three year old in charge of the shop and the crazy nine year olds dressing up to be all kinds of weird and wonderful customers. The other day we even had a health inspector visit our ice-cream shop!!

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This turned out to be a great lesson on what our money looks like.

[] of course you need some money! You could use monopoly money, or even just cut up bits of paper, or download this free printable play money and make your own currency like we []

Cant say I remember how I stumbled along your blog but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I did!!!

Thankyou very much for sharing these! My kids love them! I print them and take them on holidays. Once theyve been designed and cut out we then play shops (with real items or rubbish weve collected for this purpose). At the end of the holiday I can put everything in the recycling guilt free. Thats my perfect holiday activity. Thankyou!

How interesting! I include information on money in all my travel guides for kids. I had no idea that Australian money was plastic! That is super cool.

Of course you cant play shop properly without money lots of money!

Our coinsall have the Queen on one side and an Australian animal on the other except for the $2 coin which has an aboriginal elder on it. We learned that our fifty cent count is a dodecagon it has twelve sides!

By the time we were done, our bank notes had animals, the Queen, monsters and quite a few strange people on them. We even had a $50 000 note! (I wish!)

OurAustralian notesare all different sizes and different colours, but all of them are made of plastic and they have an important person on them as well as a little window and other patterns and images.

OUr notes are made of thin paper like plastic. They are hard to rip and water proof! They used to be paper, but now they are plastic its kinda cool!

My little girl is just starting to understand that money often gets you things and so money is her new favourite word. Shes going to love this. Great printable.

[] ellos 9. Juego de memoria para emparejar fichas. Gana quien saque primero los dos peces payaso. 10. Plantilla para que ellos puedan fabricar su dinero. Puede ser una buena ocasin para practicar cambio de monedas con los ms mayores / 11. Para que []

From our house to yours, we truly appreciate all of Your creative, FREE, learning printables you have designed and shared with us here!

I saw this on Facebook, and LOVED it. Cant wait to print some off to customise.

So fun! get me one of those $50,000 notes please 🙂

You can download your own sheet of printable play moneyhere, or click on the image below.

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Wow your money looks cool, both the play money and the Australian notes. Im all in favor of the Euro it makes traveling in Europe so much easier! but, really, our coins and notes look kind of dull

Another fantastic idea and printable. Thanks!

What a great idea! I really love this. My 5 and 10 year old would both love this 🙂

We were just looking at Australian money the other day on The Math Worksheet Site. Very fun! They have printable money from several different countries (U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Euros).

So what do you mean, your notes are made of plastic? Not of some sort of special paper?

[] needed a money to pay for the stamps so we used our free printable play money and designed our own []

How clever! My Grade 2s would love to design their own money so thanks for the printable! 🙂

Thats so cool. JJ is getting a cash register from her grandparents apparently, so Ill be back to print off some sheets so she has money to fill it. 🙂

My brother and I used to design our own money and then pay my Grandma for our lunch with it. Its one of my fondest memories. This will be such a handy template for us because I want to do the exact same activity with my children one day!

We also googled to find out what other countries money looked like and we were fascinated to find out that in the USA all the notes are the same size and they have $1 and $2 notes, whereas we have coins.

I reckon you have the best printables around 🙂 Often my go-to place for them!

[] Printable Play Money []

Anyway, Ill just have to copy your idea, this will make for a fun afternoon activity!

We used the monopoly money for a while but it was getting lost and broken so I decided we had better make our own printable play money. Instead of just making replicas of real money I thought it might be fun to make our very own currency so I put together a printable page with a variety of blank notes and coins waiting for numbers, and faces and other security features to be added.

While in the U.S. we do have $2 bills, they are very rare and are not often seen in circulation, as they were only printed a few years. Usually people have $1 bills. We have $1 coins, but those are also rare and almost never seen.

Ever since we set up our bakers shop to sell ourfive current buns, playing shop has been big business around here.

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