What do all of these seemingly disparate nouns have in common? They were all awe-inspiring historical bubbles! This is your chance tocement your place in historywithDistoken, a classic crypto enthusiast collectors item. Imagine handing down this Discard token from generation to generation as you recount stories of a different time, a time before the crypto-revolution.

Distoken is an ERC20 Compatible token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Distoken do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities, or features, expressed or implied.

Distoken is a Discard token backed by Ethereum, created using the ERC20 token standard. The ERC20 standard has been proven safe and reliable, so you know your Distoken are safe from attack. You can check out our token contract code here onetherscan!

All ether sent to the Distoken contract is non-refundable and cannot be canceled.

Distoken may have no intrinsic value.

DO NOT SEND ETHER FROM AN EXCHANGEOnly send ether from an account where you have direct access to the private key!

You are sending ether from an ERC20 compatible wallet, or a web wallet. If ether is sent from an exchange your Distoken will be allocated to the exchanges ETH account, and you may be unable to recover your Distoken.

Pricing: 1 Ether = 1000 Distoken (Price Before Bonus!)

By sending ether to the Distoken contract, you agree to understand to the following:

Only a limited amount of Distoken will ever be in circulation, making Distoken a rare collectible! After the Distoken have been minted, they will only be available on secondary exchanges. Act now and snap up a rare piece of crypto-bubble history. Token collectors, rejoice!

In light of recent events, there has been a lot of excitement around ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, and the unique investment opportunities they offer. However, the troubling thing with these offerings is that they arent so honest about what they are. These tokens & coins are certainly wastage, but they arent straightforward about it.is looking to change the dishonest practices of a booming industry, and set the record straight. We know its wastage, and you should too.

Bonus 20% starts on Aug 1st and ends after 4 weeks, after that standard price is applied.

© 2018 Blockchain Technology Group LLC.

90% of the 100M token cap is available to individuals.

10% of all tokens sold will be kept for the founders.

Recommended Gas Price: 2 gweiAfter your payment, youll be automatically credited with the appropriate Distoken directly to your Ethereum address. You can check your transactionhere, and see your balancehere(under balanceOf).To watch the coin add these fields into your Ethereum Wallet:Token Address: 0x01f673e1Af7416Ff3795fF62393CDf014ce050Fd

You can purchase Distoken by sending Ether to the address below:

Standard price starts on Aug 29th and ICO ends on Oct 27th.

Distoken is NOT an ICO its a Discard token! Distoken does not represent a stake in a company or a right to profits. While we cant promise returns on your purchase of Distoken, we believe the joy and wonder youll feel as a holder of Distoken is priceless.

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