Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Finally Back Online

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A two-hour upgrade turns into a two-day shutdown for the popular cryptocurrency exchange, and all users will now receive fee-free trading for the rest of the month.

Patches and upgrades are normally pretty predictable or, at least, most companies can give a decent estimate for when services might come back online after a routine upgrade cycle. Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, was stuck in upgrade Hell for much, much longer than it anticipated this week, adding to the anxiety of users who have already blasted the site for trading errors and slowdowns.

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Kraken posted last week that it was planning to go offline for system upgrades on Wednesday, January 10, at approximately 9:00 p.m.a reasonable period of downtime when fewer users are likely trading cryptocurrencies.

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Unfortunately for Kraken, its tiny window of downtime blew up into an issue that kept the exchange offline for more than two days.

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While the company claims that its upgrade ultimately benefits its customers, its nevertheless apologizing and offering zero-fee trading throughout the month of January to make up for the disruption. Its currently working to bring withdrawals back online, which the company disabled for 12 hours so it could monitor its new system for any errors.

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We are still working to track down an elusive bug which is holding up launch. This bug did not appear in our many weeks of testing and only emerged in the production environment. Unfortunately, it is not consistently reproducible and we cannot launch until this issue is resolved. To reiterate our earlier statement: stale (and possibly all) orders will be canceled, and liquidations will be paused before trading is resumed, readsKrakens status updateduring its unexpected downtime.

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Customers should be able to start making cryptocurrency withdrawals around 5:00 (PT) today. Fiat or cryptocurrency deposits initiated around the large stretch of downtime could take up to two additional days to be credited to a users account.

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Further insight into the downtime and a description of actions we plan to take in order to improve the client experience will be provided via a retrospective Kraken blog post, to be published in the coming days, readsa blog postfrom Kraken.

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Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Finally Back Online

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Kraken services will be offline for about 2 hours during the upgrade, possibly longer. Withdrawals in all currencies will be offline for an additional 2-3 hours after other systems come online. If you submit a withdrawal request while withdrawals are offline, the withdrawal will be sent after withdrawals come online again, read Krakens announcement.

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