200+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid (2018

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Fix and Re-sell TVs and Computer Monitors-Collect old TVs and computer monitors, fix them and resell them.

Digitalize Pictures-Many people have tons of photos in scrapbooks and boxes that are useless.  Scan them into the computer to make digital copies.

Yard Maintenance-You can build a business using all of these yard tasks or just a couple of them.

Chances are pretty high that spend a good amount of time each day on social media. Instead of seeing what your friends are up to grow a following. Whether you are on Instagram, Youtube, Musically, or Snapchat you can make money if you have enough followers. You can sell products and get a commission through what is called affiliates and companies will pay you to promote their brand. So cool. Learn how to make money onlinehere.

Stud Dog Get stud fees from having licensed pure breed dog breed females.

This is called a sales and marketing plan. First, start by writing a simple pitch. Include the following: name, business name, the reason you want to make money, the benefit the product or service will provide, proof that others have used the service (even if thats your parents, as the first customer!), plus a call to action.

The only reason adults buy lemonade is that they think kids are cute. Why not sell something they cant buy anywhere else but crave? Selling mixed soda drinks is the rage these days and you can make a lot of money selling them. Simply mix half and half into a coke and you have a dirty coke that will sell for $3 to $4. Way better than a $.50 cent lemonade right. For more ideas on drink mixes, you can sell, check out theseSodaliciousrecipes.

This is a crazy, fun way to make a lot of money. Olivia makes over $100K a year selling Doodles. Is that crazy! She is making more money than her parents with full-time jobs. The best part is this is the perfect way to convince your parents to let you get the puppy of your dreams. LikeOlivia, if you do this business right you can stand to make a lot of money as a 13 year old.

Sell Baby Rodents (gerbils, mice, etc)-Raise and sell rodents.

With crowdsourcing, you can create new cool products without the risk of creating something no one will buy. Simply come up with a new idea and put it up on any of the many crowdsourcing platforms likeKickstarterorIndiegogo. If people like your idea they can fund your project by pre-purchasing it.

Christmas Lights-Whether its the elderly, working parents, or busy moms, by December 1steveryone needs their Christmas lights put up. Take a look around the neighborhood and ask if they would like to hire you.

Watering-In dryer climates plants need consistent watering to survive. Water plants while people are out of town or if they want help with it every week.

Schools and sports teams do fundraisers all the time to make loads of money. Why not try a fundraiser just for yourself. Its half the work and double the fun. All you have to do is sell great products people already love.

Epoxy Paint Garage Floors Oil spills will stain concrete. Epoxy painted garage floors will keep them looking nice and easy clean up. Offer to paint the garages in your neighborhood.

Dove Releasing Service-Raise white homing pigeons and release them at events like weddings, funerals ,and other events.

Homegrown Produce-Grow a garden and sell the produce to neighbors or at a farmers market.  You can even sell garden shares.

Fertilizing-Lawns can use fertilizing at least four times a year to healthy and green.

Going door-to-door in your neighborhood

When I started writing this I was going to say you cant become rich by starting a lemonade stand. Well, thats not true because I interviewed two kids who created a real business out of selling lemonade. They made enough money one summer to buy a car and they werent even old enough to drive it.

Sometimes it is best to start witheasy ways for kids to make moneyfirst. Once you get the hang of it you can move onto more advanced money making strategies.

Have you ever wanted to babysit? Most kids and teens love babysitting but struggle to get babysitting jobs. Thats why I made the Ultimate Guide onHow To Get Teen Babysitting Jobsso you can get all the babysitting jobs you want. Check it out its free!!

Windshield Crack Repair-Fix cracks in windshields.

Window Washing Most homeowners rarely wash their outside windows. They can get very dirty and homeowners would love to hire out this sort of work. You can offer to clean windows outside and when you agree on a price, you canupsellthem to do the insides as well for an additional fee.  Dont be afraid to approach local stores as well. All you need to start up is some window cleaner, a cloth (or an old T-shirt) and a squeegee.

I recently hired a kid on Fiverr to do some voiceover work for me. She did a great job and made great money doing it. There are a lot of ways to make money online as a kid doing freelance jobs includingtranscribing.

Hanging Up Pictures-Many women constantly want their pictures moved or changed around the house.  My mom kept me busy full time re-arranging pictures and hanging them up.  Most frames come with a cheap hook, installing a hanging wire across the frame will make pictures hang more securely.

Babysitting is great but you can only watch one familys kids a night. What if you could watch five families kids in one night? You could make so much more money. The cool part is you can! Contact all the families you would normally babysit and say you are holding a Kids Club.

Mow Lawns-Want to make money mowing lawns? This is a great way to make money each week during the summer without getting a job.

ATV Cleaner and Maintainer Change oil and air filters on ATVs and clean them for the owners.

A great way rich people make more money is by owning storage units. The problem is it costs a lot of money to buy or build storage units. However, because of this new website calledNeiyboryou can build a shed in your backyard and rent it out! This is so cool. You could even rent out extra rooms in your house or your own closet and people will pay you to store their stuff.

Paint Garage Interior Almost all building contractors dont usually paint the inside of the garage when a new home is built.  Painting the garage helps it look nice, lasts longer, and is one of the cheapest things to increase the value of a home. Offer to paint/finish peoples garages.

Sell Baby Chicks-Hatch your eggs and sell the chicks.

Petting Zoo-Take rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, goats, chickens or other pets and set up a petting zoo in the park or on city events.

Basically, its a mini summer camp but just for Friday night. That way the parents can drop their kids off to go on a date and you can watch 10 to 15 kids all at once. Plan fun engaging activities to keep the kids busy and the time will fly. Instead of making $20 a night you can make up to $150!

Raise spiders and sell their babies or find spiders in the wild. I knew a guy who paid his mortgage each month by selling baby spiders. A spider has like a thousand babies.

Furniture Cleaning Clean and disinfect couches, chairs, beds, etc. Make sure to look up how to clean different surfaces.

Sell Baby Dogs-Raise and sell puppies.

Babysitting Babysit for parents while they go on a date out for the night with friends. Check out thebest babysitting tipsto learn how to start babysitting or if you are already babysitting learn how to earn more money babysitting.

Pet Groomer-Pets need to be washed, clipped and hair trimmed.  Create a service to do these services at pet owners homes or have them bring them to your house.

Collect geodes or other unique rocks and sell them. You can even cut and polish them to sell them for even more money.

Nanning Become a nanny and take care of kids for the summer.

Peephole Installer-People like to see who is knocking on their door. It is easy to learn how to install peepholes and they are inexpensive to buy. Ask your customers what height they want it to be installed at. Install peepholes up high for adults or down low for kids.

There are tools and equipment that can allow you to make money. A few ideas would be a wire stripper, a Cricut, and a button maker. All of these tools can be used to make money. Once you have one of these tools you can basically print money by stripping wires from electricians, selling crafty vinyl cutouts and even custom buttons. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos did that as a kid now his net worth is $840 million.

Hunting Guide If you have hunting dogs you can rent out yourself and your dogs to guide hunts like pheasants, raccoons, mountain lion, etc

Crowdsourcing is sooooo cool. You should definitely check out Kickstarter. Basically, how it works is you come up with a cool new idea. Make a prototype and promote it on Kickstarter. If people like your idea they will buy it before you have even made it.

Book Repairs-Anyone with kids is bound to have a pile of torn books that are collecting dust. These books need some repair and busy moms dont usually have time to do it. All you need to start is abook repair kit.

The best way to make money as a kid is to just start. Choose an easy idea and get to work. Get your first customers from people you know like family, friends, and neighbors. Over-deliver on your product or service and ask for referrals. Make a business plan to grow your business. Look for other opportunities for your next business. Look through these 200+ ideas to find more ways to make money as a kid or teen.

Instead of selling their lemonade in there front yard they sold frozen lemonade at community events and made bank. You can start a real business by mowing lawns, babysitting or pet sitting. You just have to run it like a real business.

Get left overs from garage sales, or offer to come pick up items people want to give to consignment stores like Goodwill and resell it through garage selling it or putting it on Craigslist.

Let me help you find the perfect idea so your kid or teen can make the money they need.

To make money as a kid you first need a plan. Here are the steps you should take.

Paint Fences Wood and metal fences need to be painted or they will rot/rust.  Paint fences to keep them looking good. People are willing to pay to maintain their properties. If the people you ask are renters, ask for the landlords number to ask them.

Carpet Cleaner Carpets need to be cleaned about every 6 months. If you want to solicit your services doing this, rent or buy a carpet cleaner.  You could do it room by room, or even just spot clean an entire house. If you rent the machine, try to set up several homes that day to maximize your profit.

When researching the idea, find out what resources are needed, what the cost of doing business will be and, finally, what to charge. That way you can make sure youll actually make money.

Pooper ScooperDogs leave their poop all over the yard.  Create a regular service of cleaning yards of dog poop.

Movie EditingMake wedding videos and edit movies for people. For more information go toHow to Make Money as a Kid Editing Movies.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular ways for teens (age 13+) to make money online. You can take surveys, watch videos, or just search for stuff online. Learn how to make $100 fast in mySwagbucks review.

If you are looking for a long-term way to make money as a kid, starting a website is a great way to do it. One of my goals for building this is to help kids and teens start an online business so that by the time you graduate high school you wont need a job. I wrote afree guidewith videos to help kids and teens start their own website that makes money.

If your parents arent okay with your idea it wont happen so brainstorm with them things you could try. There are over 200 ideas throughout this article so you can find great ways to make money as a kid right here.

To help you get started I highly recommend theHollens Creator Academy. This will not only help you start a killer channel doing what you love but also how to make money on Youtube as well.

Mom Assistant Moms with a bunch of kids get behind in their daily tasks.  Clean, change diapers, make meals whatever needs to be done.

Flag Pole Installation-Installing permanent flagpoles in peoples yards.

Car Interior Cleaning Clean the interior of peoples cars.  You can do this weekly. Charge like $5 a time and in just a couple hours of work you can make way more than minimum wage.

Here are a few sales and marketing methods that work for kids:

Programming-Learn to program and create games, iPhone apps, and software to sell.

Kids Club-Instead of babysitting just one familys kids on Friday night why not make it a party and watch 15 kids. Charge $15 per kid and you can make $450 instead of $20. Do it twice a month and you can make $900!! This is called kids club. Kids and parents love it.

Recover golf balls at golf courses in the tall grass, trees, and bushes.  Golfers lose tons of golf balls, especially golfers like me.  I have found buckets and buckets of golf balls.  Wash them and sell them back to the golfers. Learn more abouthow to sell golf balls.

Setting up a stand on a busy street or at a local park

Aerate Lawns-Lawns need oxygen to be healthy. Rent an aerator and aerate peoples yards to make money fast.

The most important step of all isjust START. Make that first phone call and knock that first door. The fear of actually starting is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Soon youll see that its not scary after all and that making your own money is actually very rewarding.

Go find a stream with black sands and pan for gold. Learn howhere.

Animal Control Many yards have rodents like gofers, mice, rats, squirrels, weasels, and raccoons.  Homeowners pay a ton of money to have them removed. If you learn how to do this safely, market yourself to the neighborhood to let them know that you are the go-to guy for rodents.

Car Washing Regularly wash cars at peoples homes or at gas stations.

Sell VoIP Phone-VoIP phones can be set up for peoples home phone without a monthly payment.  It works through the Internet and works just as good as a landline.

Did you know you can sell your photos online? You can. There is a lot of marketplaces where you can upload and sell your photos. iStockphoto and Fotolia are just two of many.

Farmhand-Hire out your time to farmers.  Fix fences, do irrigation, run tractors.  There is always work on a farm to be done.

I think you would be crazy not to start your own Youtube Channel as a kid or teen. Build your channel while you live at home then after you graduate BAM! You have a full-time income from Youtube.

House CleaningHomeowners rarely find time to really deep clean their homes. Deep cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc can really help a person out. Getting behind fridges and thoroughly cleaning baseboards all need to be done periodically in every home.

The easiest way to make money as a kid is to sell things you can get for free. Here are a few really easy ideas.

Clean Gutters-Gutters will fill with leaves and debris and will clog if not cleaned.  Spray them out using a forceful sprayer and even install gutter guards to up-sell your service.

Animal Trainer-All pets need to be potty trained and it is nice when they are trained to do tricks or hunt.

Holiday Yard Flags-Many people are patriotic and love to have a national flag placed in their yard or on their home on national holidays.

Dog WalkerDogs need to walked every day and people often dont have time to walk their dogs. This is a great way tomake money walking dogs.

You dont have to rake leaves or start a lemonade stand to make money as a kid anymore. You can make money online. Here are the top 8 ways to make money online as a kid.

Collect wasted copper wire from constructions sites or from electrical contractors, strip and sell to metal salvaging companies.  You can make a lot of money doing this.

Computer Maintenance and RepairComputers always need to be updated, cleaned up so they run better.  Fix and offer maintenance for computers. Learn exactly how Mike, 13,fixes computers to make money.

Run Errands Take the shopping list and get groceries, deliver mail to the post office, run kids to music lessons are all things you can charge for as an errand runner.

At 13 you cant get a job. So what do you do? Be creative and hustle. There are so many ways to make money as a 13 year old that I have only scratched the surface with over 200 ideas. The common ideas of mowing lawns, babysitting, and doing a lemonade stand work but here are 7 creative ideas that will blow those out of the water.

Christmas Tree Disposal Dispose of Christmas trees for people after Christmas is over. This is a great idea forhow to make money over winter break.

Sell Baby Cats-Raise and sell baby cats.

DVD and Blue Ray Digitizing-Digitize DVDs and Blue Rays so they dont get scratched, lost, or broken.  Get rid of the shelves of DVDs and put them in digital form so people can watch their movies on all their electronic devices.

Organic Plant Pest Control-Plants in flowerbeds and gardens often get overrun by bugs, natural products like diatomaceous earth, essential oils and ladybugs can get rid of them.

Shoe Shine Shine peoples shoes at their home. Come over once a week to shine all their shoes. A shoe shine kit is cheap and it is easy to learn.

Video Rental-Rent out all your videos and DVDs for friends and neighbors for a fee.

There are only two rules to becoming rich as a kid. Rule 1 buy or create assets. Rule 2 avoid liabilities. Assets are things that put money in your pocket and liabilities take it out. Buying a phone is a liability. It will cost you money each month for the service. Building an online business is an asset and something kids can do.

Garbage Can Service Once a week, take out and return trash cans to the street on dumping day.  Clean them after being dumped for an extra service.

You can make money by selling other peoples products through affiliates to your followers and if you have a lot of followers companies will pay you to promote their brand. Learn how to start an Instagram business as a kidhere.

In fact, this list has been featured on Entrepreneur com, WOW!

Use a metal detector in parks and public places to find coins and rings and sell them to ring stores.

Once you have enough assets that cover all your expenses you will officially be out of the rat race. The best part of starting as a kid is you have little to any expenses. If you want to become rich as a kid then buy and create assets.

Have you ever wanted to buy a paddleboard or a kayak? Generally, something like this would be a liability, (something that takes money out of your pocket) however, if you rent your paddle board at the beach it becomes an asset. Do some research to learn what things you can rent. Then start saving your money or maybe you could get it as a birthday present.

This is the biggest list of ideas for how to make money as a kid in the world!

Weedn Feed-Weeds will grow in the grass.  Fertilizer and weed killer can be done together with weedn feed.

Fiverr is a place where you can pay someone $5 to do some work. I hired a young girl to do some voiceover work for me. Talking to her after she said she can make as much money as she wants. Check outFiverrto see if you can offer any of the services listed.

Weeding-Weeds are everywhere in yards weed flowerbeds, gardens, and crabgrass in the lawn.

Air Filter Changer Change or clean air filters for heaters and air conditioners for homes. This can be a recurring job because their filters need to be replaced often.

Farm Fresh Eggs-Get chickens and sell eggs to neighbors.

Putting up flyers and posters around the neighborhood

Paint Home Exterior Stucco and wood siding homes need to be painted every few years to stay looking nice and to prevent rot and decay.

Get great free stuff on Craigslist and sell it for money to back on Craigslist.

CashCrate is one of the best sites for making money online fast. Check out myCashCrate Reviewso you can make your first $100 on CashCrate.

Oil Change-Set up a business to change car oils every three months.

My brother just made over $1200 selling grapefruit and oranges that he got for free. No matter where you live, people have fruit trees that they dont want to pick. The fruit will end up just falling on the ground and become a mess they need to clean up later. They would love if someone like you would come over and pick their fruit. Then you can turn around and sell it to family and friends and even at farmers markets.

Edging and Weed Whacking-Edging is done along sidewalks to make the yard look well groomed.  Weed whacking can also be used around fences, trees, and any other edges that the lawn mower cant get.

This is the BEST way to make money as a teen. Blog about your passion and earn money while you sleep. If you start now you can be making enough money to never need a job! Check out myFREE Guide: How To Start A Website As A Teen That Makes Money.

Dog Sitting-Take care of dogs while people are on vacation or out of town.

Boat Cleaner Clean boats before and after owners take them out for the day.

Decide how much money you want to make. Are you looking to buy one thing or do you want to have money to spend each month? This will help you determine what idea you should try.

Emailing or texting friends and family

Swing Set Installation-Swing sets often come in a box and have to be put together.  Provide a service to install the swing set and put it together.

Organic Pest Control-Pest control is a thriving industry today but many people are afraid of harmful chemicals. Try to rid of peoples bugs by using natural products like diatomaceous earth and essential oils.

Holidays Decorations Up/DownMany people go to the extreme for holiday decorating.  Offer your services to help put up and take down holiday decorations.

Build a Sandbox-Kids love to play in sandboxes.  Build a sandbox in a yard and provide a top for it so cats cant poop in it.

Movie Conversion-Convert VHS and home videos to digital copies and DVDs.

Seed to Cash Have you ever tried gardening? In the Seed to Cash program, you can learn how to make money growing food. How cool is that! Dylan 14, made $195 in his first two weeks. Earn while you learn by making a profit from food grown in your backyard.

Helping Elderly Set Up Electronics-Elderly are usually dont understand new technology.  Help them set up their TV, blue ray, computers, etc.

Collect and chop firewood in the woods and sell it in bundles to campers or people with wood burning stoves.

Sprinklers-Every year sprinklers need to be repaired and adjusted.  Winter cracks pipes or dirt clogs the sprinkler heads.

There are literally thousands of kids and teens making great money on Youtube. You can too. You can do product reviews, challenges, eSports, or even vlogging. It is a lot of work but if you will stick to it you can make it a career. EvanTubeHD makes over $1.6 million a year and hes just a kid! If you are not camera shy then join the ranks of other successful kid Youtubers. I recommend theHollens Creator Academyfor getting started.

Stud Cat Get stud fees from having licensed pure bread cat breed females.

Tile Grout Cleaning Clean the grout which is the lines/spaces between tile in kitchens, bathrooms, and showers. You can do this with a simple grout cleaner and an old toothbrush (or this nifty grout cleaning brush).

Making eye-grabbing Facebook posts (perhaps for a community group page) and encouraging others to share

Find and raise crickets to sell to people with reptiles and spiders for pets.

Graphic Design-Learn graphic design and do freelance work.

Power Wash Homes-Homes get dirty with dust and spider webs.  Spray down the siding and eaves with a spray nozzle on a hose. Use a pressure washer if needed on siding and brick.

As a kid, you can invest in stocks and mutual funds as long as your parents help you set it up. A cool app I found is called Stash. You can begin investing as little as $5 dollars. You must be 18 or older but thats where your parents come in.

Landscaping-Homeowners are always making they yard better by putting in a water feature, fire pit or rock wall.

Animal BorderHave people bring their pets to your home to take care of them while they are away.

Home Cook People want to eat nutritious food but cooking healthy food takes time.  Offer your services as a home cook to make dinners for busy families.

Find ladybugs and breed them and sell them to people with gardens.

Handyman Homes need constant maintenance.  A Handyman fixes anything around the house. Unclogging toilets, repairing a floor, fixing a hole in a wall are just a few examples.

There are literally hundreds of sites where you can take surveys, watch videos and play games to make money online as a kid.Swagbucksis the most popular one.Cashcrateis not bad either. You arent going to get rich but you can make money on these sites.

Car Detailing-Deep clean cars inside and out.

You dont need to have a partner, but I recommend it if this is your first kid business. Besides making money as a kid is way more fun with a friend. You may even need a small loan from your parents to get started. Work out a win-win deal for everyone involved.

How big is your following? All social media platforms have some kind of follower or subscriber. Did you know you can make money from your following??? You can. Crazy right. The larger the following you have the better, so start proactively learning how to grow it.

Feeding Animals-Feed peoples horses, cows, pigs, and chickens e

Find caterpillars on milkweed and put them in cages.  Sell the bugs in cages.

You will never become rich working a job. You will become rich by saving your money for purchasing and building assets. Here are assets that kids can create or buy to become rich.

Sell Baby Rabbits-Raise and sell baby rabbits.

Game Day Yard Flags-Most people are sports fans of one sport or another.  Put their team flags in their yard every day there is a game.

House Sitting While people are out of town you can offer to stay at their home and make sure everything is taken care of.  Often this involves taking care of pets and plants. You can also just come by the home every day to make sure everything is kept up and secure.

Planting-People always need stuff planted in their yards and gardens. Plant seed lawns,  flowers, and trees and bushes.

Paint Home Interior-People often need a new paint job in their home or want to change the color of a room. Let people know that you like to paint. Make sure that you have the proper floor and furniture protection.

Make a Digital Scrapbook-Use Shutterfly to create quality digital scrapbooks for people.

Sitting for Errands It is tiresome to load and unload kids in and out of the car while doing errands.  Sit in the car and take care of the kids while moms run and do their errands in the store.

Sell Baby Doves-Raise and sell doves.

I know a couple of kids who do this every summer. The go door to door and ask people if they want their address painted on the curb. They charge $20 a pop and do it until they make enough money to buy their new skateboard or shoes. You can do it too. Here is their video of them actually doing it.

Laying Sod or Planting Grass Seed-Either planting a yard for the first time or replanting in places where the grass has died.

Camper Cleaner Clean out campers after people go camping.

Collect pine nuts in the woods, shell them and sell them.

As a kid starting an online business is one of the best ways to become rich. EvanTubeHD makes over $1.6 million a year with his Youtube Channel. You can start a website or build a social media following on any of the social platforms. Learn how to make money with an online businesshere.

Looking for how to make money as a kid? This is the best place for kids and teens to get ideas and make money fast. Learn how to make money online as a teenager with over 200+ ways to make money as a teen.

Tree and Bush Trimming-Trees grow suckers all summer long they need to be cut off or the tree will start to look like a bush.  Bushes often have a shape or need to be a certain size and need constant pruning.

Everyone is an expert at something. Yes, even you. As a kid, I raised and sold baby rabbits. I could have easily created a course on how to raise and sell baby rabbits and sold it. I am sure there is something that you know a lot about that you could make a course about and sell. One of the best places to do this isUdemy.

If your campaign is successful then you can manufacture and ship your product to your supporters. The coolest part is that you can crowdsource almost anything these days. For a list of crowdsourcing platforms check out my article onhow to make money as a teenager online.

Collect aluminum cans, copper wire, or other metal and recycle for money. To learn moreclick here.

Video Game Rental-Rent out all your video games to friends for a fee.

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