Peter Gunn Season Two Episodes

A man on a train, Matthew Dunaway (uncredited), is murdered for a baggage claim ticket. His killer, a menacingly large man (Tom Monroe), was hired to do this by Dunaways secretary, Lavinia Cooper (real name: Maxine Schiller, played by blonde Barbara Stuart). Lavinia hires Gunn to check up on her husband (the large man), who, we find out later, is actually her partner in crime. The claim ticket leads to a suitcase which is loaded with lies, according to Tax Commissioner Sam Granger (another veteran character actor, Joe Sawyer). Granger worries about the dirt which the paperwork in the suitcase will reveal — among other things, the fact that he took more than a million dollars in bribes and had 14 bank accounts in 7 different cities. Complicating matters are two quirky characters, Las Vegas dealer Rafael Blanco (Howard Caine, later of Hogans Heroes), who helped transfer money to Granger by making it looks like gambling winnings, and Helmer (Tony Mafia [sic]), a greasy hoodlum. At one point, Lavinia Maxine ends up in Gunns apartment (how she gets in is not specified) wearing his pyjamas, just as Edie comes knocking on the door. Blanco, Helmer and Granger all end up wounded or dead at Mothers at the end of the show. The episode is a confusing, crazy mixture of suspense and comedy, hinting at the kind of nuttiness director/producer/creator Edwards would display in some of his later films.

Written by Tony & Steffi Barrett; directed by Boris Sagal

Poole (Ted Knight), a bank manager, sets off explosions of knockout gas shortly after the bank opens at nine in the morning. Donning a gas mask, Poole puts lots of money in a bag and passes it to a co-conspirator with a scar on his hand, George Morell (Leonard Graves), then takes off his mask and passes out like the other employees. At Mothers, which is being renovated, Gunn meets a sultry brunette, Barbara Fowler (Sylvia Lewis). She hires Gunn to track down the man with the scar, who she says borrowed money from her and then disappeared. But Fowler is actually in cahoots with Poole, who follows Gunn as he talks to one of his informants, Willie (Howard Dayton), who says that Morell recently left town for Italy. Taking an overseas flight, Gunn arrives in the small town of Cassano, where he is accosted by one of the locals, Carlo (Johnny Seven), who offers to guide him around. Saying he knows where Morell is, Carlo sends Gunn to a part of town where he is almost run over by a car. Then Carlo attacks Gunn while he is sleeping in his hotel room. Gunn forces Carlo at gunpoint to take him to see Morell, who is in hiding. When Gunn finally confronts Morell, Poole shows up and says he wants all of the money. Poole tells Gunn that he got Fowler to hire him to track down his former partner, otherwise he would have been tied into the robbery. A violent fight follows in a wine cellar, with both Carlo and Morell ending up dead.

TRIVIA:Once again there is the suggestion that a convicted criminal will fry (i.e., get the electric chair), a capital punishment not available in California, if that is where the show is supposed to be set.Around the time his father is being executed, Charlie is listening to a record on an old-fashioned gramophone.Its interesting the way the punks in the gang (all of whom are said by Gunn to be under 18, even though they look much older) are all much shorter than Gunn, who towers over them.Jacoby is seen giving Clip the third degree.

Shelley Berman gives a brilliant performance as Danny Holland, a paranoid stand-up comedian (some of whose routines are similar to Bermans own). He is convinced that his wife of six years is trying to kill him, and hires Gunn to investigate. Holland tells Gunn that the last couple of years of his marriage have been different. He says that his wife was sending him threatening anonymous letters which he recognizes as having been typed on his own typewriter and once tried to poison him. However, when Gunn talks to Hollands wife, he gets a completely opposite view of the marriage. She says the Danny is sick, wont go to doctors for his problems, and their marriage has been nightmarish. Gunn visits a doctor (sometime Peter Gunn writer Tony Barrett) who says that one of the two is lying, and the one who is not should be extremely careful. When he returns to Mrs. Hollands apartment, Gunn is knocked out. Shortly after, she is seen in her husbands dressing room at the club, wanting to talk to him. Having recovered, Gunn encounters Jacoby at the club, where the lieutenant is investigating the murder of a bum who was seen hassling Holland in the noirish teaser (Holland thought the guy was sent by his wife and knocked him on the head with a brick). When Gunn and Jacoby go to Hollands dressing room, they find a trail of blood which leads to his wifes body in the alley. As Holland appears doing his final routine at the club (a very edgy performance, where he almost has a breakdown), the cops and Gunn are waiting to take him away.

EDIE SINGS:Slow and Easy, a vocal version of the Mancini tune with lyrics by Sammy Cahn

In the teaser, a man rifling through a doctors filing cabinet is surprised by a guard and falls out a window, seriously injuring himself. Following this, Gunn is hired by Victor Majeski (Vladimir Sokoloff) who wants him to find his 26-year-old daughter Ellen (Jeanne Bates) who recently got out of prison. She was serving a four-year stretch for being an accomplice to robbery and never identified the man who was her partner. With the help of the pickpocket Leather (Hope Summers), who beats the drum for a Salvation Army-type mission and calls Gunn handsome, Gunn tracks down Dr. Snyder (Ben Wright), who performed plastic surgery on Ellen while she was in jail. When he arrives at Snyders office, the doctor is being punched around by a couple of hoods, who Gunn quickly dispatches. With the doctors help, Gunn traces Ellen to Guidos Restaurant, where she is waiting for her former partner Marty Walker (Frank Leo). When Gunn tells her that her father is wanting to see her, she says that is strange, since her father died when she was four years old. Gunn figures out that her father is really Victor Kaley, who was hired by Marty to track Ellen down, just like the man who was snooping in Snyders records at the beginning of the show. Gunn goes to the garage where Marty works where he is overpowered by the mechanic and about to be shot, when Ellen suddenly shows up and shoots Marty dead, regretting that she never did this prior to her having plastic surgery.

In this relatively complicated episode, an undercover cop named Jimmy Madigan is knifed to death during the teaser in the Chamber of Horrors at a midway on a pier. Soon after this, Ed Wilkens (Eddie Firestone), who works in the midway shooting gallery, tells his boss Bart Kendall (Tom Holland) that a cop (who we later determine to be Madigan) shot up everything in place, then claimed a feathered doll on a shelf which Kendall had expressly forbidden him to let anyone take. When he hears this, Kendall gives Wilkens a nasty beating. Wilkens shows up at Mothers and asks Gunns help to keep Kendall from killing him. But this is all a scam, because Wilkens knows that the doll contains heroin, which the boss of the carnival, Jake Curlan (John Marley) is importing from the Delgado Novelty Company in Nogales, Mexico. Wilkens eventually murders Kendall and beats his face to a pulp so no one will recognize him, and to make the police think Kendall is him, dumps the body in the ocean with a note in the pocket mentioning Gunn. When Gunn finds out from Jacoby that whoever murdered Madigan was left handed and, with the help of a master engraver Scratch (Emile Meyer) determines that the note recovered from Wilkens was written by a left-handed person, he realizes that Wilkens was responsible for the murders of both Madigan and Kendall. Gunn and Jacoby head to the pier to check out the attractions, having also found a 50 cent ticket in Wilkens pocket. Gunn confronts Wilkens in the Chamber of Horrors (where it is revealed he is indeed left-handed) and overpowers him.

TRIVIA:The scene at the beginning where Gunn meets Lavinia and the two of them make goo-goo eyes at each other, with Gunn stumbling over his dialogue, is pretty funny.The baggage claim ticket number is 981828.There is an interesting bit of dialogue between Blanco and Gunn at Blancos place. Blanco tells Gunn that She [Maxine] hired the thug [to knock off her boss Dunaway] and prom

Teleplay by Lester Aaron Pine; Story by Lester Aaron Pine & Louis Horowitz; Directed by Boris Sagal

Written by Tony Barrett and Lewis Reed; directed by Boris Sagal

Written by Lewis Reed & Tony Barrett; Story by Blake Edwards; Directed by Boris Sagal

MUSIC:Sorta Blue, heard as Gunn talks to Edie at Mothers.A Profound Gass, in the background as people prepare for Gunn to arrive at his party.

Written by Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed; Story by Blake Edwards; Directed by Boris Sagal

TRIVIA:Although the name of the doctor who is fixing up the wounded Baxter is Gorse, the name that Gunn sees on the notepad is Barton.The flight of stairs outside the doctors office looks very similar to the one in episode five, Death is a Red Rose.

Original Air Date – 21 September 1959

TRIVIA:When Kendall starts to beat up Wilkens in the shooting gallery, a microphone can be seen on the wall behind them, panning to the left.The newly-renovated Mothers has a nautical theme, with life preservers that have U.S.S. MOTHER hanging on the wall.

MUSIC:Dreamsville, heard at the beginning at Gunns place as he and Edie make suggestive noises in the background (it is playing on a 78 RPM record). Its also heard at the end of the show under similar circumstances.The Brothers Go to Mothers, played by pianist Manuel.Goofin at the Coffee House, heard on the jukebox at Chinos CafeThere is peculiar music with very loud double bass and vibes as Gunn comes to after being slugged by Baxter.

Written and directed by Blake Edwards

BEST LINE:Gunn (to Lavinia): Someone tries to kill me, I kill back.

TRIVIA:Edie wears glasses in this show for the first time. This lets Gunn use the line about men make passes… She is reading a racy book entitled The Subjugation of the Human Personality and the Conflicts Therein.The sign above the funeral parlor at the beginning reads Szemetkezes Vallalat which means Szemetkezes (presumably the guys name) Undertaking.Gunn addresses Kolanskis sister and her son by the name of Erlich, though a paper with information about them that he got from Jacoby makes no mention of this name.Veteran character actor Burt Mustin has a brief role as a cab driver.

Original Air Date – 28 September 1959

Original Air Date – 14 December 1959

Teleplay by Lester Aaron Pine; Directed by Blake Edwards

EDIE SINGS:Deed I Do by Fred Rose and Walter Hirsch.

Written by Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed; Directed by Boris Sagal

BEST LINE:Gunn (to bartender): Thats all you saw?

Written by Lewis Reed; directed by Boris Sagal

MUSIC:Joanna is heard faintly in the background as Gunn talks to Hollands wife at her apartment. An announcer says that this music is being played by Shelley Manne (and his combo, presumably).The music at the end as Holland sees the police in the back of the club waiting for him to finish his routine is very suspenseful.Pete Candoli is the leader of the band who perform at Hollands club and is featured in a trumpet solo with his group.

Gunn is hired by John Alastair (Don Keefer). He is a businessman in bad financial straits who bought his [own] death so his family could collect his life insurance. However, his financial problems were resolved when a rich relative lent him some money, so now he wants to cancel the contract. Unfortunately, Gimpy (Alvin Hammer) the man through whom he bought the contract is now himself dead. After giving Alastair the keys to his apartment so he can hide out, Gunn goes to the bar where Gimpys murder took place. He finds out from the bartender (Clegg Hoyt) that one of the two men last seen with Gimpy was wearing a red rose in his lapel. At the police station, Jacoby gives Gunn a tip that Gimpy had a friend, Belle Decanto, who runs a dance studio. When he visits there, Gunn gets an eyeful from one of her pupils, Jeanie (Shari Robinson) who says that he is cute and would look like a doll in a leotard. Unfortunately, Gunn leaves without any information. On the front steps of the building where the dance studio is located, Gunn finds a red rose, meaning that he is being followed. Gunn moves Alastair from his apartment (a new location compared to season one) to a room in the Bickford Hotel, where the front desk clerk is Herman Klip (Vitto Scotti), a geeky three-time loser with Coke-bottle glasses who practices opening a safe where he stores his lunch. When Gunn returns to his apartment, Jules Burnett (Henry Beckman), one of the two thugs who murdered Gimpy, is waiting for him. Gunn manages to distract Burnett, who is fatally shot during the ensuing fight, but not before he reveals the name of his partner in Gimpys murder — Drago. Gunn returns to the dance studio, where he finds Decanto dead, with a metronome ticking beside her on the floor. At the police station, Jacoby abuses Gunn for leaving a trail of death wherever he goes. A tip comes in with information about Burnetts address, and Gunn and Jacoby head there on the assumption that the two men lived together at that location. They are right, except Drago is not there — he has gone to the Bickord Hotel, as per a piece of paper which Gunn finds on a table. At the hotel, Alastair has barricaded himself in his room because Drago showed up a few minutes before. When Alastair hears Drago outside on the fire escape, Gunn heads outside via a window and shoots him dead.

Teleplay by Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed; Story by Blake Edwards; Directed by Boris Sagal

EDIE SINGS:Straight to Baby, a Mancini original with lyrics by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.

TRIVIA:As the player piano plays music, you would typically expect to see the keys moving, but they do not.At Weinbergs Delicatessen, kreplach soup is 25 cents, as is a pastrami sandwich with pickles and coffee or tea.

TRIVIA:The show closes with a iris-like effect reminiscent of silent movies.There is an interesting use of mirrors in Hollands dressing room when Gunn is talking to Holland during his lengthy speech describing his problems.

EDIE SINGS:Goody Goody by Matty Malneck and Johnny Mercer.

Bartender: Thats a lot, considering Im a coward.


Gunn makes a promise to Charlie Mays (Joe Sullivan), a convict on death row, that he will talk to his son Johnny (Don Easton). Johnny has fallen in with a gang of juvenile delinquents who murdered the boy from a couple necking in the park during the teaser (the implication is that the girl was part of the gang and lured the boy there). When Gunn shows up at Johnnys place, the kid tells him to get lost. Later, Gunn manages to track down Johnnys gang with the help of a junk dealer named Tallulah (Lili Valenty), who fences goods that they steal. When he shows up at the gangs hideout, which is in a sewer, Gunn is roughed up and thrown on the ground. Only the sudden appearance of Jacoby and the cops prevents Gunn from serious damage. The gang is held by Jacoby, who refers to them as a murderous rat pack, but they are not talking. Gunn tells Jacoby to release Johnny, who immediately falls under suspicion that he is in league with either the cops or Gunn. When the gang is released after the obligatory 48 hour holding period, they hassle Johnny about why he was released ahead of them. Gunn shows up at their hideout again, asking Johnny who was responsible for the murder of the boy in the park. Without much hesitation, he identifies the gang leader Clip (Marc Butch Cavell) and the gang meekly falls into line as Johnny heads back to the police station to follow up on the accusation! This show is kind of lame in comparison to the previous one.

MUSIC:Aside from Fallout!, all the music is original to this episode.

MUSIC:There are no stock tunes from the LP albums in this show, other than Fallout! at the beginning.

Two convicts, Charlie Walsh (Robert Carricart, who looks like he could be Humphrey Bogarts brother) and Bob Welles (Dennis Patrick) escape from prison. Their first order of business is to kill Peter Gunn, since he was largely responsible for Walsh being jailed three years before. They try to knock off Gunn with a rifle outside Mothers, but their plan gets fouled up when some bum trying to hustle Gunn for money gets in the way. Their next tactic is to kidnap Edie by driving up to Mothers in an ambulance and presumably pretending that Gunn has been injured somewhere. This show recycles two actors playing characters similar to the ones they played in season one: Pithias (J. Pat OMalley, the Shakespeare-quoting bum from 3, The Vicious Dog) and delicatessen owner Mr. Wineberg (Tenen Holtz, Norberts father from 27, Breakout). Both of these guys help Gunn find where Edie is being held. With the help of Jacoby, Gunn has a brainstorm to call the fire department and pretend there is a fire in the building where she is, so everyone has to leave. Outside on the street, Walsh and Welles are shot and disarmed respectively and Edie faints dead away. Although the beginning of the show is pretty suspensful, Edie is really not seen much after she is snatched by the two crooks, and when she finally is seen, things move along in a rather predictable way.

Lieutenant Jacoby is kidnapped at the beginning of the show by Les (Will J. White), an associate of Bert Fisher (John Lawrence), a hood whose brother Jacoby arrested years before. Berts brother is scheduled to be executed in the electric chair at 11 p.m. that evening, and the kidnappers threaten to shoot Jacoby dead at the same time. Gunn is called into the case by Captain of Detectives A.C. Clark (Frank Albertson) because Gunn can get to places that the police cant. And Gunn does … he manages to figure out where Jacoby is via a convoluted chain of events. First, he visits Dean, a trumpeter whose face was cut up by some thugs (played by real-life trumpeter Pete Candoli, who was seen in The Comic only four episodes before). Dean doesnt want to talk, but plays a riff on his instrument which Gunn understands means Mary. As Gunn is outside Deans room after, talking to police sergeant Davis (Morris Erby), Dean is shot dead by a man who comes into his room via the fire escape. Gunn wounds the man, who escapes. Giving the name of Mary to the cops suggests her full name is Mary Whitney (Carmen Phillips) and her boy friend is Lew Baxter (stuntman Dick Crockett), who Gunn recognizes from a mug shot as Deans killer. Gunn tracks down Mary by talking to lounge piano player Manuel (Don Diamond), who used to play with Dean. When he arrives at Marys place, Gunn is knocked out by Baxter, who is hiding in her bedroom. When he comes to, Gunn figures out that Baxter is visiting a doctor for his injuries by rubbing a pencil on a notepad that Baxter was using. When Gunn arrives at the doctors, Baxter escapes, only to run out into the street where he is run over and killed by a passing car. Gunn finds a matchbook in Baxters pocket for a cafe out in the sticks run by Chino Amalo, who Erby confirms is a known associate of Bert Fisher. Gunn arrives at the cafe and gets the run-around from Amalo. He leaves, only to return and sneak up behind Amalo as he phones Fisher, who is holed up in a cabin nearby. Gunn calls Clark, who arrives shortly after with some cops. Taking Amalo along with them, the cops force Amalo to call out to Fisher near the cabin, and when Les and Fisher, the two kidnappers, come outside, Gunn and the cops engage in a gun battle with them, which results in both of the hoods being shot dead. Jacoby is relieved that help arrived, since the time is exactly 11 p.m., when he was supposed to be executed.

MUSIC:No stock music in this episode other than Fallout!

TRIVIA:Edie smokes!Various people are in attendance at Gunns birthday party: Jacoby, Mother, Edie, Barney, Emmett, Babby (The Little Man), Wilbur and Capri from the coffee house, Herman Klip the geeky guy and the bartender played by Clegg Hoyt from episode 5, Death is a Red Rose. Only problem with this last character is the bartender was knocked off in that episode.The kinds of juice dispensed at the health food bar include carrot, spinach, watercress, parlsey, carrot-coconut, orange, pineapple, potassium (?), beet, tomato, celery, pomegranate, cabbage, strawberry and raspberry. As well, they serve soy lecithin spread.

EDIE SINGS:Sorta Blue by Mancini, a vocal version of the stock tune, with lyrics by Sammy Cahn.

TRIVIA:Check the deep focus photography when Gunn talks to Jacoby in his office, with some cops talking behind a translucent glass at the back of the room. Jacoby seems very hyper in this show compared to previous episodes.Some items on the menu at the bar at the beginning of the show: chili – 25 cents; ham – 35 cents; cheese – 20 cents; soup – 25 cents; steak – 85 cents; frankfurters and beans – 50 cents; old fashioned – 45 cents; whiskey – 25 cents; rum jump – 50 cents. A sign behind the bar says Beer Brings Cheer.Semms kind of an odd coincidence that the old flower seller (Adeline deWalt Reynolds) who knew the location of the apartment where Burnett and Drago lived suddenly shows up outside the hotel shortly after Drago is shot. Are both these places in the same neighborhood?

BEST LINE:Edie (to Gunn): Im your biggest fan.

MUSIC:The music at the beginning as Walsh and Welles hang out in a truck, waiting to knock off Gunn, is very reminiscent of Experiment in Terror. The player piano music used in that film (and also episode 12 of season one), The Good Old Days, is heard as Gunn comes to the rooming house where Welles is staying. He addresses the old guy sitting at the piano as Paderewski, referring to the famous concert pianist.

Written by Lewis Reed & Tony Barrett; Story by Blake Edwards; Directed by George Stevens, Jr.

TRIVIA:The revamped Mothers seems to be much larger than the previous establishment.The end Peter Gunn theme has a different arrangement than usual.At Guidos Restaurant, an egg sandwich is 30 cents; a burger on bun is a quarter.When Gunn comes to Majeski/Kaleys room, the lighting is very noirish.Gunn tells Marty Theyll strap you in and pull the switch, which may give a clue to the state where the Peter Gunn universe is located.

Original Air Date – 23 November 1959

This first show of the second season is very similar to the first show of the series — thugs working for a mob boss named Clegg (Sheldon Allman) are terrorizing business people with their protection racket. At the beginning of the show, two of them — Giant (Mickey Morton) and the appropriately-named Hoodlum (Val Avery) — throw a bomb made with dynamite into a grocery store, killing the owner. When they drop in and start harassing Mother (played by Minerva Urecal, the replacement for Hope Emerson, who died a year later), she tells them to get lost. Gunn visits a old friend known as The Owl (Cyril Delavanti) who tells him to check out the Fulton Novelty Company, which is a front for Clegg. When Gunn shows up there, he engages in some tense verbal sparring with the Hoodlum, but finds out nothing. As he leaves, Hoodlum makes reference to The Owl, and when Gunn returns to his star-gazing friend, he finds The Owl dead. Hoodlum and Giant, along with some other goons, return to Mothers and totally trash the place, punching out Barney the bartender and even wrecking the piano. Gunn returns while this fracas is going on, but quickly leaves to return to the novelty company, where he faces off with Clegg. Managing to escape after fooling Clegg with a ruse that the police are outside, Gunn fights with one of Cleggs sidekicks, then manages to disable Clegg by throwing what looks like a boomerang at him. Back at Mothers, Edie, Mother, Barney and Emmett the pianist are all in a much better mood than one would expect, looking forward to rebuilding the club.

Original Air Date – 16 November 1959

MUSIC:Lightly, heard as Gunn talks to Wilkens at Mothers after Edies song.Soft Sounds, also heard after Edies song.

In this story with Cold War overtones, Janos Kolanski (Wolfe Barzell), a Hungarian gunsmith, has himself smuggled out of Hungary in a coffin transported by a horse-drawn carriage at the beginning of the show. He arrives in the States in April of 1958, about a year and a half after the end of the Hungarian revolution. He is designing a rifle for use by revolutionaries in his home country which he says is not Hungary any more. (But this does not jive with historical facts, since the revolution was brutally crushed by the Russians in late 1956.) He hires Gunn to protect him because they [meaning Communists] have people everywhere. When Gunn suggests that Kolanski should talk to the police or the FBI, Kolanski says that this would mean trouble for his sister Anna and her son William who have been living in the States for several years. Gunn goes to visit Kolanskis sister and nephew, but they are mystified by the fuss over Kolanskis project. Gunn is soon approached by two agents, who think that Kolanski gave Gunn plans to the rifle. Gunn is saved only by the intervention of Jacoby who shows up at his door unexpectedly. Gunn is supposed to meet Kolanski late at night at the bus depot, but when he arrives there, Kolanski is gone, and a clerk says that he left about twenty minutes before accompanied by a large man. Gunn finds the cabin where the workshop is located. Kolanski says that he doesnt need Gunns help any more, and gave the large man a set of bogus plans for the rifle earlier to get rid of him. Gunn wants to take Kolanski back to town, but just as they step out the door, William shows up and pulls out a gun — it turns out that HE is an agent as well. William tells Albert (Howard Ledig), who has been acting as a bodyguard for his uncle, to shoot Gunn, but Albert drills William, since it turns out that Albert is an agent from the Department of Investigation, obviously leaving out the word Federal because of some of kind of rights issue.

MUSIC:A very cool version of Fallout!, with the section after the opening featuring a trombone solo.A Quiet Gass, heard when Gunn is talking to Prohaska at Mothers, followed by Brief and Breezy.

Teleplay by Lewis Reed & Tony Barrett; Story by Blake Edwards; Directed by Boris Sagal

MUSIC:Soft Sounds, heard at the beginning of the show in the soon-to-reopen Mothers.There are a couple of interesting cues at Martys garage, one with a walking bass, the second reminiscent of Blue Steel, when Gunn and Marty fight.

BEST LINE:Gunn to Jacoby: Youve been very kind, Lieutenant.

Original Air Date – 30 November 1959

MUSIC:Slow and Easy as Gunn talks to Alastair at the beginning of the show.Not From Dixie, which Burnett makes Gunn play on his stereo to cover the sound of gunfire.

Jack Shap (Sam Edwards), an employee of Beloff Brothers Diamond Merchants, is shot and robbed while transporting an $800,000 shipment outside the companys offices. It turns out that the robbers went too far, according to Benny Sicotta (Eddie Ryder), Jacks friend and co-conspirator in the robbery who arranged for a gang to steal the jewels. Gunn is summoned by Nickerman (veteran character actor Robert Emhardt), boss of the Consolidated Liberty Insurance Company. He tells Gunn that it is cheaper to buy the diamonds back from the crooks rather than pay out a full claim. He wants Gunn to act as the agent in the transaction, since the man who was the companys go-between previously died a few weeks before, and Gunn is known for having contacts with the underworld. Gunn says that this is a little out of my line, but takes the assignment anyway. He meets with the nervously jovial Mack Borden (Jack Petruzzi), boss of the gang who stole the diamonds, who is known to hang out in Hals Health Bar, which dispenses nutritious drinks. When Benny has a change of heart over what he has done and calls the cops, naming names, Borden and his gang are picked up, making them think that it was Gunn who squealed on them. When Gunn shows up with the money, Bordens gang beats him near-senseless and takes the payoff, to make it look like Gunn welshed on the deal with Nickerman. Gunn stumbles back to his apartment where a gang of his friends is giving him a surprise birthday party, and falls face-first into his birthday cake. Following this, Gunn and Benny pull a scam on Nickerman and Borden, pretending that Jack has died in the hospital, so the charges have upped from a simple robbery to murder. The two men are arrested, and Bordens gang is put out of order by Gunn and Benny. Borden is only too happy to confess to the crime to avoid a murder charge.

MUSIC:A very cool version of Fallout! at the beginning!Goofin at the Coffee House as Gunn talks to Willie.Blues For Mothers at the end as Gunn returns to Mothers.

TRIVIA:This show is unusually violent.Minerva Urecal is very similar vocally to Hope Emerson, though there is a substantial difference in the two womens heights.There is an exceptional scene in the morgue where Gunn and Jacoby argue over the fate of The Owl. The camera pulls up and the voices of the two men (probably looped) are heard echoing on the cold morgue walls and floor.In their obligatory flirtation scene at the back of Mothers, Gunn and Edie do some serious smooching behind a post. Gunn tells her he will be back for breakfast … at 3:30 a.m.!

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