30 Ideas for Products you can Sell at a Flea Market

Consider selling products at a flea market If you cant find a job or need to earn some extra income. If you cant think of products you can sell ata flea market, then this list of 30 ideas for products that you may be able to sell at a flea market should give you some ideas.

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Cook and finely mash fresh vegetables like gem squash, carrot, and pumpkin. Put in small containers ready for heating and feeding to babies.

If you have the equipment to make log holders, fire pokers, screens and tongs, make these items. You could even make fire starter packs, pre-packed with charcoal or wood, and a fire starter.

Hi Petro you can sell your paintings at the same places people sell all sorts of products at craft markets and flea markets, from their personal Facebook profile pages, from specific Facebook pages theyve created, from their own website or blog, but for paintings also consider approaching galleries. You can also take photos of your paintings and sell those (the photos) at places like Redbubble (look for it online). Good luck with the selling of your paintings!

80 Ideas For Products You Can Sell at a Flea Market or Craft Market

Sell umbrellas, raincoats and gumboots, particularly when its raining or overcast.

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Collect small stones of very roughly equal sizes. Paint the stones in primary and bright colours. Leave some just painted in bright colours, but also paint numbers 0 to 10 on others, letters of the alphabet, shapes, or animals.

An easy way to avoid being caught up in a scam is to simply not join anything that costs you money to join, or costs you money to be active at or with. That said, however, there are many opportunities that cost one money, that are actually legitimate. But if its a big fear that you might lose money, rather try make money only from things that cost you no money to start or do. Have a look through this site for many ideas on how to make money, or at least some extra income, that cost nothing to start.

Also, though, consider your thoughts on what legitimate means to you.

Buy cheap sweets and little toys, and package them as Lucky Dips. For Party Packs, add a small packet of chips, and a few more sweets.

Make unique and creative house numbers from wood, varnished branches,driftwood, bamboo or wire.

Also see a list of80 Ideas for Products you Can Sell at a Flea Market or Craft Market

Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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20 Ideas on What to Sell at a Flea Market

If you live in South Africa and needfor your craft projects (or for other purposes) then visit .zasite30 Ideas for Products you can Sell at a Flea Market

Fill transparent cheap and lidded plastic glasses with jelly, custard, and bits of chocolate, pieces of tennis biscuits, cherries, caramel, or instant pudding. Provide plastic teaspoons too.

If you have a few woodworking tools, and some knowledge of carpentry, you can make little chairs and tables for children. Styling can be formal or casual.

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Chilli Bites can be made from cheaper beef cuts than beef cuts you usually need for biltong. The product is usually also ready more quickly than biltong.

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Separate the two parts of the clothes pegs and make miniature dolls or soldiers. Glue the wireless peg parts together to make a variety of items such as pot stands for hot pots, dolls furniture, a notice board (use drawing pins to pin notices up) or book dividers.


Thanks very much for such an informative site,now i have an idea of what to do

Hunt for old photographs at auctions, charity shops and garage sales. Frame or reframe them beautifully, and sell them.

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You can often find really cheap old computer monitors at auctions and garage sales.

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The simplest of items, beautifully framed, can make a room more attractive. Get creative. You can frame dried flowers, shells, small pebbles, curiously shaped small branches or driftwood, or even bits of recycled materials.

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With homemade and handcrafted products becoming so popular, provide a variety of homemade beads and buttons. Scrapbooking is also popular. Provide bits and pieces that scrapbookers will find useful.

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Outdoor mobiles do not have to chime when the wind blows. They should just look attractive and enhance a garden. Turn old seedpods into fairies or elves, or make holders to hold or support garden candles.

These ideas are for information and idea purposes only. Please check laws and regulations regards what products you are allowed to sell at a flea market or from home, as well as any legal requirements for labelling or packaging, and for including declaration of ingredients or safety warnings on labelling or packaging. We absolve ourselves from any issues related to you using any of these ideas.

There are two ways to make soap. The first is to recycle old soap, and the then there is the traditional method, involving oils and lye as the base components.

Hi, thanks for the info! I am looking for work at home opportunities, but skeptical as to finding one that is legitimate! Please can you help me! Thanks

If you practice and learn to be creative with taking photographs, even a small cheap camera will do. Take photos of natural objects or scenery. Print the photos, frame them and sell them.

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Cheap commercially produced candles can be found almost anywhere. Unique handmade candles can be bought from you. Candle making is not difficult, and the results of just a little practice are very impressive.

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Turn a part of your garden into an earthworm farm. Sell your earthworms as live bait, or to gardeners wanting to improve their soil.

Since homemade Christmas tree ornaments would be a seasonal product, give a discount if the ornaments are bought out of season, or combine these items with another product you sell throughout the year, like greeting cards.

Many people enjoy pickled onions. Making pickled onions is not difficult, and you can offer them in plain or chilli. The chilli onions are normal pickled onions with a chilli thrown into the bottle. Add a touch of garlic for a Mediterranean flavour.

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Clean out the insides of the computer monitors and turn them into plant holders or dog or cat beds.

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How to booklets do not have to be elaborate, large, or have too much writing or typing in them. Mothers or teachers can use them to teach their children how to do everyday things.

HI I have a steady job for the last 28 years and love my work but it does not pay all my bills anymore so I started to make ottomans from used car tires and would love to sell them, but its slow to sell, every business loves them but say I can put it in their shop on consignment stock, I also have a lot of other craft that I can make that I havent seen at any flea market but dont have the cash to start.I cant take a loan its too risky for me.

People do still use doorstops, as doorstops or as dcor items. Your doorstops can be plain and simple, or as complex and decorative as you like. Use wood or metal.

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good day where can i sell my paintings.

JP, if you have stock and are Joburg based, we are having a small market in our neighbourhood on the 3rd December. Contact me .zaif you want to have a stall.

Some people may call something not legitimate even if it cost them no money to join or do if they dont make any money from it or only make very little money from it. HOWEVER, youll get other people saying it is legitimate because they made or make a reasonable amount of money from it.

Clocks are popular gift items, and can be made using metal, wood, paper mache, glass fibre, and ceramics. They dont have to be round. Create clocks that children will enjoy too.

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Hi JP. Those ottomans sound pretty cool! Making ottomans from used car tires is an excellent upcyling idea. Now, if you are willing to take it slowly, saving money as you go along until you have the money to buy items you need for your extra income craft ideas, then, since you say you have other craft that you can make, and since you are already upcycling something (tires for ottomans), think about the crafts you want to make, and then look at them from a different angle can the same thing or something similar be made from upcycling free or inexpensive items? Then make those items, sell them at flea markets or craft markets, and save up some money, bit by bit, for spending on the other things youd like to make. Of course, if you are crafty, look at other things you can make where the materials cost you nothing or next to nothing. Think driftwood, pebbles, sticks, seed pods, scrap material, things friends, family and neighbours are throwing away, plants, seeds, gotten from your garden or the gardens of friends, family and neighbours, a variety of things gotten cheaply at auctions. If you have a nice goal in mind for what youd really like to make and sell, but dont have the money to get started on that, then make the money in other crafty and free or inexpensive ways first, even if takes you a while. Good luck!

Many people do not have a garden or even have a balcony. They need a place to hang their washing. Make folding clothing stands from wood. Make them in both small and medium sizes.

Use thick strong rope and rectangular pieces of wood to make swings. You can make chair swings too, for smaller children, or cut out pieces of tyre from large truck or tractor tyres.

30 Ideas for Products you can Sell at a Flea Market

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The ones who made money spent a lot of time learning about the opportunity and how to do it, and spent a lot of time actually working at it. Also, if the opportunity required that others be referred to the opportunity in order for one to make or increase income from it, then those who made money spent a lot of time marketing that opportunity (even using free marketing ways) and may also even have first spent a lot of time learning how to market before they even began their marketing.

Craft Ideas List of 60 Craft Ideas

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You do not have to be a famous artist to beautifully display your drawings and paintings in attractive frames.

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Offer a selection of freshly baked breads. Make and sell a plain farmhouse loaf with a round crisp top, rye bread, sourdough bread, or bread in interesting shapes.

Collect all your own or even your great grandmothers favourite recipes together, and rewrite each of them beautifully, on plain white A4 paper, leaving plenty of space around your writing. Photostat the pages youve written so that you can use the copies to make more than just one book. Cut out the recipes so that they are only about A6 or A5 in size. Paste the recipes onto coloured paper or thin card, and then into an A4 size book. Add cute sketches, photographs and other decorations. Make a creative and eye-catching front cover for your book.

Use bamboo, or metal pipes or even wire if the centrepiece is a bamboo or metal pipe. Be creative with the centrepiece that the pipes knock against. Use big shells or a handmade wooden or wire and beaded object.

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