50 ways to save on your holidays

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Train and bus operator FirstGroups shares crash and boss…

Millions of households could see the cost of debt fall as the financial watchdog launches a crackdown on high-cost credit and overdraft fees

Train and bus operator FirstGroups shares crash and boss departs after it slumps to a huge loss

The rise has been blamed on a rise in claims after the freezing weather earlier in the year.

Cultivate friendships with people who live in places you would like to visit. There are many websites for international friendship. You could have a free place to stay, free touring information, practice a new language and maybe even have a new partner.B Wilkins

25. Book your airport parking in advance

Millions are in arrears on essential household bills – and they are most likely to be behind on council tax

The mousesavers website maybe for American people but it is definitely worth a read if you want to do Disney for less.Lena

The return rail fare for a family of five from London Paddington to Heathrow airport is more than 130. Using the Underground and the little-known One Day Family Travel card will set you back around 20.Lesley, London area

41. The foreign school holiday trick

Sorrell backed by City heavyweights: Ad man tapped up…

Customers begin to win refunds for unfair price hikes

28. Shop around for your European breakdown cover

Home insurance bills rise THREE times faster than inflation

We reveal tricks to find the cheapest tickets

Any airline or travel agent worth its reputation has a service that allows you to hear about the deals first. Choose a few of your favourites and sign up. You could access big savings for a few minutes effort.

Ford Europe teases the release of new Ford Focus in latest clip

Did you know that most credit card providers charge up to 2.75% commission every time you use the card abroad? A similar sting applies if you use your debit card abroad. One exception is Nationwide, which charges no such commission.

Find out how much you can afford to borrow and the difference between repayment and interest-only

32. Dont fly on Fridays or Saturdays

– despite paying 22 a month for 16 years.

MAGGIE PAGANO: Europes clock is ticking as Brexit confusion leads to business paralysis

After years of outrageously high fares, the cross-Channel ferry operators have woken up to the fact that people arent prepared to pay up to 600 to cross a stretch of water so short you can see the other side from our shores – especially as you can fly to Spain for a few quid. As a result, fares have plunged and if you can travel at night, its even cheaper.

A change is good as a rest so why not move into the spare room or swap rooms with your kids for a week or two. Its free and can be great fun especially if you can agree to swap roles so the children do all the cooking.

After years of penalising older borrowers, now banks launch mortgages you can take to the GRAVE

Fluctuations in the value of the pound can mean the difference between being able to afford a holiday in the US and not. At current rates, America is around 20% cheaper than a couple of years ago. Also, think about visiting countries with currencies aligned to the dollar such as those in Latin America and the Caribbean.

34. Control your holiday spending without doing a thing

The supercar tubs made in Sheffield: McLaren handed keys to new 50m carbon fibre factory on site of former Yorkshire coal mine

How much a regular monthly savings scheme could make or a lump sum could be worth.

Do you have overdraft charge outrage? The best bank accounts for those who stray into the red

If youre flying no-frills, you can pay several pounds for an in-flight sandwich and drink or you can take your own. With some of these low-cost deals, the cost of your food can be more expensive than the cost of your flights. Theres a principle at stake here more than just a free lunch.

31. How to locate cheap train tickets

What is the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?

How you can complain and get compensation for blackouts

As part of the Governments Every Lesson Counts campaign to cut down on truancy, major holiday companies have developed special deals such as free child places and money off for adults. Ask your school for details or contact the travel firms – but bear in mind that many of these offers may still be cheaper elsewhere.

Father-of-three, 40, is refused 65,000 by health insurer Aviva because he had a cardiac arrest and not a heart attack – despite paying 22 a month for 16 years

Why you should ALWAYS pay in local currency on holiday

Rare Kew Gardens 50p now sells for 91 online

11. Sign up for special offers by email.

Young couple interviewed after buying their own home before 21

Get paid to report derelict houses, sell photos and watch videos

Here are This is Moneys 50 ways to save money on your holiday.

While the difference a day makes to a childs education is unquantifiable, it can add thousands of pounds to the price of a family holiday. But with this option of saving money virtually outlawed, how do you stick within the rules without breaking the bank?

Kids are happy anywhere on the beach in summer. Theres no need to fly to the Caribbean – they wont appreciate the palm trees. Same with expensive day outs – of course they like the zoo but at a young age they enjoy farms and pet shops.J Gourlay

The rise of the no-frills airlines has spawned a craze in ultra-low-cost holidays. You can buy a camping kit for a family of four including tent, mats and sleeping bags for sometimes less than 100. You book your flights to somewhere preferably with insignificant annual rainfall and then pay a few pounds a night to sleep under the stars. And remember: campsites abroad are often much better equipped than those in Britain.

Monthly or lump sum savings calculator

Did you know that in spite of the name, youth hostels are not the preserve of the young – and many have family rooms?

From locks picked by burglars to cars stolen by potential buyers: The loopholes insurance firms are increasingly using to reject claims

According to a This is Money survey, petrol will have to reach 10 a litre before we start leaving our cars at home in any great numbers. Until then public transport is always going to find it hard to compete. But coaches are pretty luxurious these days and at the time of writing, is offering intercity fares throughout the UK from 50p, with 1 fares available during the Christmas holidays.

Father-of-three, 40, is refused 65K payout by health insurer Aviva despite paying 22 a month for 16 years – because he had a cardiac arrest not a heart attack

We expose how some consumers are more equal than others and explore ways to solve the problem

RBS rattled by backlash over branch closures: Bank to shut ANOTHER 420 this year

It may seem obvious but the holiday industry is like any other business affected by the basic economics of supply and demand. The best time to book, according to travel agent Trailfinders, is 11 months before youre due to travel. The flights have just been released and theres plenty of cheaper seats available.

How shoppers splashed out 27.1bn to celebrate the royal wedding and bask in the Spring sunshine

Link:Report: Cutting the cost of airport parking

39. Check your passport at least a month before you go

The effects of inflation since 1900 and what past prices mean today

According to the AA, driving at 80mph on the motorways instead of 70mph costs an extra 4p a mile – or an extra litre of petrol every 20 miles. This may not sound much but it will add an extra 80 to a 2,000-mile tour of Europe. For lawbreakers driving at 90 or 100mph the costs are significantly higher and you run the risk of heavy fines.

If you are travelling to London and the South East by train there are some genuine offers for reduced entry to attractions such as Madame Tussauds and the aquarium on the 2for1 website.Peter, Whitley Bay

Consumer confidence improves but Britons overall view of…

If you cant travel in the small hours, taking your family by car to the Continent in the summer can cost a small fortune. So long as you tell the ferry company in advance, most will allow you to take your bikes for free. This is especially viable if youre visiting Holland or the Belgian coast, which are famously rather flat.

When taking a fly-drive holiday in Florida many of the package deals include a compact car. When collecting your car from the hire desk the staff may try to convince you to pay for an upgrade using techniques such as explaining how uncomfortable a family of five will be in a compact car, which is a little bigger than a Ford Escort. However, you may find you get the upgrade without parting with any money. Americans tend not to hire compacts so the hire companies dont have many in stock. Reject any requests for additional costs, take the keys and go to the car lot, where hopefully you will find a much larger car, which hasnt cost you a cent more.I Boyle

27. Find a low-cost insurance policy online

Father-of-three is refused 65,000 by Aviva because he had a cardiac arrest and not a heart attack

For free guide books pop in to your local library. You can ask for an extended borrowing period if you are worried about not getting the books back on time, or renew them online.Pauline

Are you bills about to rise? Some energy customers face bill hikes of 401 as 100 fixed-rate tariffs end

Prepare for a deluge of junk mail after energy firms are given the green light to pester you

How to invest in retirement: The Investing Show Live

Free or low cost energy-saving ways to make your home greener

UKs top fund managers at Invesco go to war over more than 12M in fees

While their public services go to pot

You dont have to slum it. If you plan ahead and save your money like people did in the olden days, you can have the holiday you want, where you want and when you want – even in the school holidays.

47. Young children dont need expensive holidays

Budget retailer B&M outlines ambitious expansion plans…

Millions of households could see the cost of debt fall as the financial watchdog launches a crackdown on high-cost credit and overdraft fees

Homeowners found repayments outstripped any savings on their bills

Property market continues to lose steam as average house prices dip 0.2% in May, says Nationwide

The rules of supply and demand also apply in last few days before the departure date. If there are unsold seats and hotel rooms, you can bag a bargain with a few clicks of the mouse, or a phone call or two.

Remember commission-free doesnt mean profit free. Shop around before exchanging currency.

I hear it can lead to damp on interior walls…

MARKET REPORT: Its not a pretty picture for Photo-Me as…

The trick insurers keep quiet about that could knock 50% off your home insurance

Italian crisis rocks markets with bond yields soaring, theEuro sliding, global stocks sinking AND the FTSE losing 25BN

Virgin Media overcharged customers for leaving, says watchdog

Going on holiday and your cat gets sick? Heres how pet owners can claim on their travel insurance if they need to stay home

Travel agents and internet users can reserve flights and holidays for several days without purchasing them. So if at first you find a deal is unavailable at the price you want to pay, you have a choice: pay the higher price or wait a few days to see if the places become available again.

Link:Report: Make your pound travel further

Father-of-three, 40, is refused 65,000 by health insurer Aviva because he had a cardiac arrest and not a heart attack…

MAGGIE PAGANO: Europes clock is ticking as Brexit…

Last minute tips for stocks and shares Isa investors

SIMON LAMBERT: Europes elite must convince Italians that…

The rules on passport photos are now so strict that if you use a photo booth it may take three or four attempts, around 14, before you get two pictures that obey all the rules on size, reflection, smile and head size. So forget the booths and go to a photographer who specialises in passport photos. You can refuse to pay if the pictures are no good.David.

True cost mortgage tool – rates AND fees

If you are disabled, a woman or loyal, you may pay over the odds

Rolls-Royce ramps up efforts to fix problem aircraft…

Can you use your smartphone sat-nav on the car passenger seat or in the cup holder – and does it have to be hands-free?

Burberry boss snaps up 1.2m of shares with price up 11%…

SIMON LAMBERT: Europes elite must convince Italians that the eurozone is on their side if it wants to hold the euro together

De La Rues failed 3.7m bid to continue making British…

Since the railways were privatised, unearthing cheap train tickets can seem impossible. But its really quite simple. There are basically three types of ticket. The cheapo, available if you book 28 days or more in advance; the just-about-affordable if booked 14 days or more in advance; and the forget-it, which is what youll pay in the last week before you travel. Best is to check individual websites for details. Tip: For peak periods at Christmas and Easter the cheapo tickets go on sale about eight or nine weeks before the respective festive period and by cheapo we mean around 25 return to cross most of the country rising to three or four times the price if you leave it to the last minute.

Three in four households have at least three broadband breakdowns every month

When travelling abroad, check out the timings of the school holidays in the country you are visiting. In France, the school summer holidays end before they do in the UK. If you can wait a few weeks longer than normal before going away you will find that rates in holiday accommodation drop dramatically since you are no longer in their peak period. You will need to book direct with the French operator and make sure you have the school uniform laid out ready for school the morning after you return.Frances Ives

How shoppers splashed out 27.1bn to celebrate the royal…

CITY DIARY: What drove RBSs highly-rated finance chief…

Thousands of Currys shoppers are hit with 22 stealth fees for unwanted insurance cover

If youre travelling from central London to Gatwick airport or vice versa you have a choice or rail operators. The non-stop Gatwick Express, which charges around 24 one way for an adult, and the two-stop Southern service, which takes FIVE minutes longer but costs a mere 9. Note: For the Heathrow and Stansted Express services its less clear cut as the alternatives, though cheaper, can be overcrowded and therefore less reliable.

You can get a no-claims discount on your house too!

How potholes could cost you nearly two months wages: Damage to cars results in some repairs costing 3,800

Eight of the best ways to make money online

EE keeps billing my father more than 200 even though he has dementia

UK accountancy watchdog starts disciplinary action against former Autonomy bosses and auditor Deloitte

Sounds obvious but take Greece – once a cheap option for a family holiday. Rampant inflation on the back of its entry to the euro and its new-found upmarket view of itself as Olympic host and European football champions, it has become relatively expensive. Italy on the other hand is still delightfully reasonable.

Getting to and from the airport can end up being a significant additional expenditure. In the UK minicabs are a sensible option but you must book in advance. If you dont, and you want a taxi, the only option are the official on-site ranks, which can cost a fortune.

Historic inflation: how the value of money has changed

Where do you stand in the great smart meter debate?

RBS rattled by backlash over branch closures: Bank to…

Hodge Lifetimes new interest-only loan for over 55s.

Millions of households could see the cost of debt fall as…

8. Check out the special anti-truancy deals

Why gold and oil shares and India offer opportunities

There are hundreds more tips for families to cut the cost of their holidays. Send us yours and, if theyre appropriate well add them to the list. Theres a prize for the best one.

Again, not just for gap-year students. There are many European and country-specific rail schemes to enjoy. If youre really savvy you can travel on the overnight trains with your own cabin to avoid booking a hotel.

New Rolls-Royce Cullinan includes fold out seats from the boot

Consumer confidence improves but Britons overall view of the UK economy remains downbeat

Millions are in arrears on essential household bills – and they are most likely to be behind on council tax

Clear muck – without spending too much of your brass: Tips for homeownersusing a septic tank or cesspit

ASK TONY: EE keeps billing my father more than 200 even though he has dementia

13. Save up for the holiday you really want

You may think you live in a horrid, torrid suburban time warp – but to an American visitor your home could well the quaint historic corner of Britain that theyve been yearning for. Likewise, their small tumble-down hovel will probably feel like a mansion. Give it at try.

Should I have inherited some of my husbands state pension after his death? Steve Webb replies

Rare Kew Gardens 50p now sells for 91 online: Coin doubles in value in less than two years – but beware the fakes…

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FTSE CLOSE: Markets end day in the red after US imposes…

DAN HYDE: Insurers stack the odds as they find sneaky ways to wriggle out of paying claims in your hour of need

A look at the new 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A200 model

In Venice, in general, the closer a restaurant is to St Marks Square the more touristy and expensive it is. Remember, wherever you go local people eat out too. Avoid the tourist traps and youll be better fed and richer.Mike

The families who have seen their council tax soar by 563%

Maureen says they save you 30 a month but John reckons they can blow up your home

How to plan a wedding fit for a Royal (without Harry and Meghans budget)

Take a look inside the classic Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 car

Does split ticketing work and how far in advance should you book a train?

From locks picked by burglars to cars stolen by potential buyers.

Will installing cavity wall insulation devalue my home?

How you can fight the insurance renewal rip-off

Link:Report: Do you know the true cost of taking your phone abroad?

Sellers in the South accept bigger discounts, says Hometrack.

Turn up on the day and youll very likely feel sick at the price youll have to pay just to park your car for a week or two. So do your research, check your insurance or AA membership for special tie-in offers, check hotels that offer one-night, pre-flight stays that include long-term parking, look for off-site parking offers, or, best of all, get someone to run you there and back.

Coin doubles in value in less than two years – but beware the fakes…

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Would you buy a nearly new home? Sarah Beeny picks a Cambridgeshire village for her bargain of the month – a four-year-old house for 325k

FTSE CLOSE: Markets end day in the red after US imposes tariffs on steel and aluminium from EU; pound at $1.33

The major freebies on offer, and how you can get your hands on them.

Your travel agent – online or High Street – will try to flog you insurance. Just say no. Go online or talk to a broker and youll find single-trip European policies for less than 10 per person. If youre going away more than once in the year, consider an annual policy. Just make sure you understand what you need and read the small print. Tip: single-trip policies cover you for cancellation as soon as you take out the policy even if your travel dates are months ahead. This is not the case for annual policies, which start from the day you take out the policy, not the date of your first trip.

Bristol house prices outstripped every other UK city in the last five years

How an estranged partner could inherit your pension unless you tell your provider

You dont have to pay a fortune or spend years trawling the globe for the hidden gems. Just log on one or more of the travel websites and read the views of previous guests. Remember: cheap doesnt have to mean nasty.

My wife wanted a bigger kitchen, so I sold shares at the worst moment possible!

One tip we like is to find accommodation recommended in guide books and on the travel websites – then email them directly to check for availability. Wait a few weeks and check again. If its still available youre in a strong position to haggle for a deal. Email is particularly useful for people who hate haggling face to face or by phone.

Its one of the things the internet does best. Compare flights, create your own holidays and book online – or use it for research then phone around the High Street chains and haggle.

Exit fees as high as 240 – even when people moved to areas where Virgin had no service

British public transport maybe unreliable, dirty, out-dated and expensive but its not the case everywhere. In Tenerife,says Lesley, the buses are cheap, punctual, air-conditioned and clean – theres no need to hire a car or queue for a taxi.

Mortgage affordability: How much you can borrow

Quickie cremations on a budget: Co-op launches no-frills funerals without the ceremony for 1,395

Investing Show: Is buy-to-let still worth doing?

Along with re-evaluating your finances and planning your next career move, its also important to make sure you know your legal rights

This is the new fourth generation model of the Ford Focus

A holiday home that sleeps 12 people isnt usually six times more expensive than one that sleeps two. So if you can bear to share with friends or family you could save a packet.

Co-op launches no-frills funerals without the ceremony for 1,395

The Pru (Prudential) literally put an elephant in the room in ad.

DAILY BRIEFING: US economy slowed more than initially…

Many newspapers have a travel club or offer travel discounts that involve collecting tokens. Some of them offer a fantastic opportunity to save money on your holiday. Others dont, so always read the small print.

From using the registry office to choosing a cheap date and having your service late in the day

4. Travel on the ferry at unsociable times

In Britain, theres Travelodge and Holiday Inn Express among others. In France there are tons of them dotted all over the country with rooms for three people from less than 20 a night. Theyre close enough to all the major tourist areas to make it a real viable option for the cost-conscious francophile.

Power to the people: Join our Winter Collective Energy Switch to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills

Link:This is Moneys credit card finder

From locks picked by burglars to cars stolen by potential buyers: The loopholes insurance firms are increasingly using to reject claims

Mercedes-Benz teases its new Ultimate Luxury SUV concept

All our calculators in one place. See how they could help you

Property market continues to lose steam as average house…

Useless advice if you want to get away for a week at half-term but during the summer or Easter if you can fly on weekdays you can save a lot of money. BA.com has a useful fare search tool that allows you to select the cheapest day to fly.

– despite paying 22 a month for 16 years

100 a month energy bills: As last of the Big Six power giants hikes its tariffs, a consumer watchdog tells families to switch to smaller firms

Shops that charge 10 to cover a 30 kettle and experts say you may never be able to claim

If you leave this to the last minute and you have lost your passport, you wont be going away at all. If it has expired you will need to pay way over the odds for a rush application. Dont get caught out.David.

Invesco Perpetual Enhanced Income trust row.

Weve all heard of the AA and RAC but its only insurance and any number of companies offer the same type of policies for significantly less money.

Thousands of Currys shoppers are hit with 22 stealth fees for unwanted insurance cover

Just one in four has given a reading while HALF pay more than they should as a result of energy firms estimating bills

The loopholes insurance firms are increasingly using to reject claims

The supercar tubs made in Sheffield: McLaren handed keys…

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Brazen stores flog worthless insurance policies

Schools are clamping down on parents who take their children on holiday during term time. At many, to get permission for even one extra day off at either end of a holiday requires a degree of form filling and letter writing that wouldnt be out of place in a Soviet police station. Even then, the final decision rests on the whim of the chairman of governors.

Compare the cost of rival fixed and tracker rate mortgages

The internet has been a godsend for people who wish to bypass the travel agent and arrange their own trips. But heres a little-known tip: if you are booking a flight and a car, or flight and accommodation, by packaging the two deals together, an agent can often offer a much better deal than if you were to book separately, even online. Call it creative accounting if you will, but it can save hundreds of pounds on a long-haul trip.

Do you know how much it will cost you to make and receive mobile phone calls abroad? Check your contract – at up to 1.49 a minute you may want to leave the phone at home.Marie-Claude, London

Choosing sterling can cost up to 10% more.

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