Blockchain Technology Explained

Closing the motorized section, it resembles the Samsung Galaxy S9 which has rounded corners with curved edges. Just like Samsung Galaxy devices, it has a vibrantOLED displaywith 1080p resolution.

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Blockchains are incredibly popular nowadays. But what is a blockchain? How do they work, what problems do they solve and how can they be used?

Computers currently are very fast and may calculate many thousands of hashes per second. Youll effectively tamper with a block and compute all the hashes of different blocks to create your blockchain valid once more. Thus to mitigate this, blockchains have one thing referred to asproof-of-work. It is a mechanism thatslows down the creation of new blocks. In Bitcoins case: it takes about ten minutes to calculate the desired proof-of-work and add a replacement block to the chain. This mechanism makes it terribly exhausting to tamper with the blocks because if you tamper with one block, youll have to compute theproof-of-work for allthe subsequent blocks. Therefore thesecurity of a blockchaincomes from its inventiveuse of hashing and also the proof-of-workmechanism.

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Following the latest trend, removing the bezels, Oppo is here with the new Flagship named Find X. After all the rumors,Oppo Find Xis officially announced in Paris. Oppo in this new device has combined most of the new trendy features, like thepop-up camera,bezel-less displayand much more, very efficiently. Oppo has beaten the Vivo Next in the screen to bodyratio of 92.25 percent.

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Like the name indicates, a blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain information. This technique was originally represented in1991by a bunch of researchers and was originally supposed to timestamp digital documents in order that its impossible to affect them or to tamper with them. Almost like a Notary. However, it slid largely unused until it had been tailored bySatoshi Nakamotoin 2009 to form thedigital cryptocurrency Bitcoin. A blockchain may be a distributed ledger thats fullyopen to anyone. They have an interesting property: once some data has been recorded inside a blockchain, it becomes very difficult to change it. So how does that work? Well, lets take a closer look at a block.

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Thats all about the Oppo Find X. Mention your views about the Motorized mechanism of Find X. So Do you think it is necessary to introduce the mechanical movement to remove the notch or is there any other way? Do mention in the comments.

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But theres another approach thatblockchains secure themselvesand that is by beingdistributed. Instead of using a central entity to manage the chain, blockchains use apeer-to-peer networkand anyone is allowed to join. When someone joins this network, he gets the full copy of the blockchain. The node can use this to verify that everything is still in order. Now lets see what happens when someone creates a new block. That new block is sent to everyone on the network. Each node then checks and ensure that block to make sure that it hasnt been tampered with. If everything checks out, each node adds this block to their own blockchain. All the nodes in this network create consensus. They agree about what blocks are valid and which arent. Blocks that are tampered with will be rejected by other nodes in the network. So to successfully tamper with a blockchain one need to tamper with each and every block on the chain, redo the proof-of-work for each block and takecontrol over 50% of the peer-to-peer network. Only then will your tampered block become accepted by everyone else. This is almost impossible to do!

It is completely new that Oppo has completely removed the traditional fingerprint sensor and even has no under screen fingerprint read like Nex. But, Oppo has used the 3D facial Recognition which is there in the motorized mechanism. You just need to on the device, swipe up. And as soon as you swipe up, motorized part rises, authenticates and go back to its space. And you wont believe it is just fast. You will not fill like you are using this complicated system. We can say it is just as fast as fingerprint reading.

Lets take anexample. Here we have a chain of 3 blocks. As you can see in the above image, each block has a hash and the hash of the previous block. So block number 3 points to block number 2 and number 2 points to number 1. Now the first block is a bit special, it cannot point to previous blocks because its the first one. We call this the genesis block. Now lets say that you tamper with the second block. This causes the hash of the block to alter also. in turn which will build block three and all following blocks invalid as a result of they no longer store a legitimate hash of the previous block. Thus ever-changing one block can build all following blocks invalid. However,using hashes isnt enough to stop tampering.

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Oppo Find X: Motorised Camera, No Fingerprint Sensor

Taking look at the cameras, Vivo Nex has a12 megapixelsprimary camera with f/1.8 aperture backed up with a5-megapixelf/2.4 aperture camera. It has a pop-up selfie camera of8 megapixelsf/2.0 aperture. And yea, it has a headphone jack for the music lovers.

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Booking for the Oppo Find X will begin today(19th June 18). And it is expected that it will have less cost than the comparable smartphone in the market.

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Vivo Nex has a complete display and to do that they had to use many different ideas and technology to keep the front facing selfie camera, the earpiece and also relocating the fingerprint sensor. To overcome all these problems, Vivo had already introduced thePop Up Selfie camerawhich they showcased in the MWC 2018. You might be wondering about the earpiece. Well for that, Vivo has used glass-vibratingscreen sound casting technologywhich makes the glass vibrate and produce the sound which works pretty well and is able to replace the earpiece. Vivo Nex has also included theon-screen fingerprint sensorwhich not as wide as in the Apex but is of considerable size. And according to Vivo this is their third-generation on-screen fingerprint sensor and has improved a lot in case of speed and accuracy.

We have seen a lot of evolution in Android apps these days. Be it games or editor or any camera. AI has been prevalent in every aspect of life including apps as well. A lot of modified apps with gesture supports have come for our benefit. Now, we have handpicked those bunch of best apps in this June 2018.

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As already said, Find X hasglobal LTEand it is because Oppo is also going to launch Find X in North America and Europe for the first time besides its market in China, India, and the Philippines.

Oppo has made a superb entry by introducing a camera lens design, I mean, it hashidden cameras. Didnt get what I mean to say? Let me explain. Oppo Find X has hidden its camera in amotorized armwhich opens only when the camera app is open. And when the camera app is opened, the motorized chin rises up and brings up the 25-megapixel front-facing camera, equipped with3D facial recognition systemand a16 megapixel + 20-megapixeldual rear camera. Oppo claims that this motorized camera system can open or close in just0.5 secondswhich just in a blink and it seems pretty accurate according to many testers.

Now taking look at the specification of the device, Vivo Nex is powered byQualcomm Snapdragon 845with8GB RAMand256GB internal storage. It has a battery back up of 4,000 mAh which will provide a good standby time. It has a6.59 inch 1080p + OLED display. There is also a lower variant of this device which has a Snapdragon 720 with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

Not only the unique designs, Oppo Find X has all the thing which a high-end Android flagship device should have in 2018. Oppo Find X is powered with theQualcomm Snapdragon 845accompanied with8GB RAMand up to256GB internal storage. It has3,730 mAh batterywhich supportsOppo VOOC fast chargingwhich is similar to Onepluss Dash Charging. Oppo Find X will have the dual sim with Global LTE support.

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Eachblockcontains somedata, thehash of the blockand thehash of the previous block. The data that is stored inside a block depends on the type of blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain, for example, stores the details about a transaction in here, such as the sender, receiver and amount of coins. A block also has a hash. You cancompare a hash to a fingerprint. It identifies a block and every one of its contents and it is often unique, just as a fingerprint.  Once a block is formed, its hash is being calculated.Changing one thingwithin the block can cause thehash to alter. Therefore in other words: hashes are terribly helpful when you need to discover changes to blocks. If the fingerprint of a block changes, it no longer is the same block. The third element inside each block is the hash of the previous block. This effectively creates a chain of blocks and its this technique that makes a blockchain so secure.

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So now you know what a blockchain is, how it works on a basic level and what problems it solves. Hope you liked this article. Mention your queries in the comments section below. We will try to solve them as soon as possible.

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We recently saw that Vivo also tried the pop-up camera in their deviceVivo Nex, but Oppo made it more unique by covering the rear camera into the motorized mechanism. And by doing so, it has removed the camera bump on the back. Oppo used this unique way to get rid of the notch.

Blockchains are also constantly evolving. One of the more recent developments is the creation of smart contracts. These contracts are simple programs that are stored on the blockchain and can be used to automatically exchange coins based on certain conditions. The creation of blockchain technology caught the interest of a lot of people. Soon, many realized that this technology can be used for other things likestoring medical records, creating a digital notary or even collecting taxes.

After looking at all the specs of this smartphone one can say that this device is justlit?. But to your concern, its just available in China for now for 4,998 yuan which is approximately equal to$780which is pretty low as compared to iPhone X, but a bit high in comparison to the mid-range flagship like Mi 8.

Vivo after launchingApex at Mobile World Congress, making it the first smartphone with no bezel. Vivo is again back with another bezel-less smartphone which they callVivo Nexhaving 91.24 screen to body ratio. Vivo has shown that we can remove the notch and bring the complete bezel-less smartphone. With Nex, Vivo has brought another smartphone completely bezel-less in the budget range of$780.

Oppo Find X Image Courtesy: The Verge

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After hardware, lets look at the software. Oppo Find X is working on Android 8.1 skinned with Oppos Color OS.Color OSis an interesting combination of iOS and Samsung. It is not as good as that on a Pixel device, but not even that bad.

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Oppo Find X Image Courtesy: The Verge

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