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We presented an overview of the BOS platform at both the Amsterdam and Prague meetups, which included Public Financing and our Key Technology.

Q3. How much TPS do you eventually plan to achieve, would it ever be able to match visa speed or more?

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BOS Newsletter April 2nd, 2018

Q2. Can you speak of any upcoming proposals/partnerships like Energy7 and BOSolar? Is BOScoin looking to be a platform to trade commodities?

Q2. Why developers would prefer Public financing and not ICO. Why should he choose BOS platform?

BOScoin Launches ARIST, a research institute to focus on platform Reliability, Scalability, and Privacy

BOScoin Releases its TestNet Optimized for Public Financing, Ahead of 4Q Mainnet Launch

BOS Platform Foundation in Zug, Switzerland.

Last week, our team released the part one of our ISAAC proof-of-concept to the public! The Part One release describes our basic concept of ISAAC, including code for the technically interested to play with the protocol.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, regarding the multiple ballots testing (sending multiple messages to multiple nodes simultaneously to improve consensus speed), we developed aspects of the slot component.

BOScoin Announces Reverse ICO Partner Program For Companies Preparing Reverse ICOs

Q2. If everything goes well with the TestNet and you exceed your expectations, is there any chance that MainNet will be released sooner than expected?

We introduce new mobile wallet, Tokennet App Wallet for BOSCoin Tokennet. We created the Tokennet App Wallet because of the various feedback regarding our web wallet

A lot of work was put into the creation of the specification of the Consensus Algorithm and Trust Contracts, although this may sound trivial, wed like to stress that we are not just a project that will copy blockchain code

BOS Newsletter April 10th, 2018

BOScoin Launches ARIST, a Research Institute to Focus on Platform Reliability, Scalability, and Privacy

If you have not seen yet, our team released the second part to the ISAAC release at the end of last week!

Introduction of Tokennet App Wallet: Safe Secret Seed

Following our ISAAC Part One announcement last week, our team has been busy preparing for the second release planned for next week.

BOSCoin Develops Electronic Voting System based on Homomorphic Encryption that Guarantees Anonymity and Singular Votes

Estimates are that this work should have a prototype for testing, aka TestNet, targeted for June this year.

Our main development team is running the product development on agile, where the sprints will be in Iterations.

The BOSnet public launch of our testNet network code named SEBAK is no later than the end of June which includes the integration of our consensus protocol ISAAC.

Testnet is Launched. The public testnet was launched on June 29, 2018 at 3:00 am (CDT).

Over 200 active participants shared their thoughts and opinions about BOScoins development progress and business strategies at the meetup.

testNet is scheduled for release early June with mainNet following in the 4th Quarter 2018. testNet will be launched with public testNet nodes, and will only include the ISAAC consensus protocol.

Q2. Why developers would prefer Public financing and not ICO. Why should he choose BOS platform?

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BOScoin is planning to release our ISAAC Protocol next week. This will include code uploaded onto Github and interactive tools and information on our website.

[Press in Korean] Real Democracy with Blockchain Technology. The cryptocurrency craze has settled down and its time to show what blockchain is all about.

Introduction Of ISAAC Consensus Protocol for BOSNet

In anticipation of our release of our ISAAC Consensus Protocol, we will release 2 parts to explain ISAAC.

We have two big meetups in Amsterdam and Prague. We are also attending the Bitcoin Blockchain Conference Prague on May 17th.

[Press in Korean] BOScoin and Decenter have agreed partnership program to enhance the Blockchain ecosystem.

BOS Newsletter March 26th, 2018

Introduction Of ISAAC Consensus Protocol for BOSNet Part 2

Our CSO, Myungsan Jun, is proud to announce the publication of his 2nd book which was recently translated into English.

On an ongoing basis, the team will collectively add tasks to a Kanban board

Ask Me Anything Management and Foundation

The BOS Foundation is proud to announce the opening of ARIST. ARIST is a Blockchain research institute which is established by BlockchainOS under the BOS Platform Foundation located in Zug, Swiss.

Our team have released the first public prototype source code for our mobile Tokennet App Wallet last week.

Inhwan Kim is currently carrying out the role of CEO of BlockchainOS as well as President of the BOS Platform Foundation but has decided to dedicate his time towards the BOS Platform Foundation. Inhwan Kim has seen BOScoin

Gaining trust is essential for blockchain networks

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Open Testnet milestone (it is scheduled to be opened at the end of this month) 67% complete with 22 open issues and 45 closed issues.

Testnet will be running for testing various kind of experimental features and implementations. You can test all the available features of SEBAK without any restrictions in Testnet.

Our previous article, Introduction Of ISAAC Consensus Protocol For BOSNet, introduced the concept of ISAAC; yet more challenges still remain to perfect the protocol.

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