Dimensions Network

We will also be introducing an Exchange Aggregator to the industry. Buyers will soon be able to find the very best price for coins, while avoiding endless sign up forms.

Dimensions Network will bring enhanced trading options like Shorting, Margin Trading and Options to deliver greater diversity to cryptocurrency trading.

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Dimensions Network will initially support BTC, ETH and USDT Coin Pairing, Options and Futures. Support for a full spectrum of cryptocurrencies is also in development.

Dimensions Network is designed to bring hassle-free and more effective trading to the growing cryptocurrency world. Our platform is up and running, and when finished will feature trading for all the standard coin pairs, Options, Futures Contracts and Advanced Derivatives

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Why not earn while you hold? With the DST token, you share 15% of our trading fees and receive ETH straight to your Dimensions Network or Ethereum wallet.

Once completed, Dimensions Network will allow fully decentralised services, offering customers cryptographically-secure trading and complete peace of mind.

Weve taken inspiration from the Global Stock Exchange our trading platform is written using Erlang for complete scalability and non-stop availability.

The Exchange Liquidity Aggregator (ELA) will let you buy and sell at the best price available online, without having to register with other exchanges.

Trade with confidence traditional trading will meet the lightening fast capability of our cryptographically protected DEX.

Funding and withdrawal will no longer be a problem for investors. Our global banking licenses mean you can buy or sell at ease using USD, EURO and more.

Our token isnt just another coin to be traded. Holders of DST will enjoy a share of our trading fees in the form of ETH sent directly to their Ethereum address.

Find out more about the rewards or try our Rewards Calculator by Exploring the DST Token.

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