Current Version: Lithium Luna


Current Version: Lithium Luna

Current Version: Lithium Luna

Current Version: Lithium Luna

Current Version: Lithium Luna

Current Version: Bleeding edge (possibly unstable)


If you need help choosing the correct application, please clickherefor a quick answer, then select the appropriate release for your operating system below.


The following are mobile or light wallets that are deemed safe by trusted members of the community. If there is a wallet that is not on here, you can request the community check it out. Go to ourHangoutspage to see where we are.

Note: the SHA256 hashes are listed by the downloads for convenience, but a GPG-signed list of the hashes is /downloads/hashes.txtand should be treated as canonical, with the signature checked against the appropriate GPG key in the source code (in /utils/gpg_keys).

Current Version: Lithium Luna


If youd prefer to use a blockchain bootstrap, instead of syncing from scratch, you canuse this link for the most current bootstrap.It is typically much faster to sync from scratch, however, and it also takes a lot less RAM (import is very greedy).

The Monero community has funded aDedicated Hardware Walletwhich is now in progress. As well, Ledger is working onintegrating Monero into their hardware wallets.

This page is not yet translated. If you would like to help translate it, please see theREADME.


Current Version: Lithium Luna





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