Tolar will introduce project publicly

Tenders are budgeting plans which will be submitted to the Magnus Consilium where every proposal will need to have a majority of votes in order to pass.

Networks Throughput can process 200,000 transactions per second

Awarding improvements of Tolar network

Core Tolar team created with 30 members.

HashNET can be run as full node even on smartphone

ICO is planned for Q3 2018 Hard cap: 57,000 ETH

HashNET is a scalable, fast, secure, and fair decentralized- beyond blockchain project, leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and consensus algorithm which keeps all positive characteristics of a blockchain technology while increasing throughput to more than 200,000 transactions per second. Network is using Proof-of-Stake with masternodes, which eliminates the need for a massive energy consumption.

Potential impact achieved by the implementation of the solution.

First cryptocurrency experiments conducted

Adding value by spreading a word out to the community.

Tolar has a governance system called Magnus Consilium in which stakeholders and investors will have the power of voting on proposals in order to participate in improvements of HashNET network.

Start of the private sale phase and social media presence.

Recruiting process of key team members has started.

Every participant can contribute by voting

a speed of over 150.000 TPS on multiple nodes.

Allows voters to vote on a future network developments.

Allocation of community funds and voting process is 100% transparent

Allowing voters to make decisions on further development paths.

The presentation showcase the current progress with

Tenders and budget plans are available to all Tolar holders. Magnus Consilium will select projects for voting, based on a solution that best meets the following criteria:

Launch of initial mainnet chain with masternodes and staking system.

If a user decides to lock-in his coins, he/she will receive interest based on the number of coins staked, and the duration of time the coins were stored.

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