How can I migrate from blockchain wallet to Electrum?

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i have other problem.i send from Electrum valet and transaction was difer between two output?one is now on end where it may be and other is steel on net?what to do it is 14 days from this.

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Is Wallet the same as Blockchain Wallet? What I have is the second one. Also after the BIP39 choice there is one final option as described in this video Multibit). How should I set the final one in the case of Blockchain Wallet?

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If you have previously imported private keys to fo they have to be exported separately, as they are not part of the keys derived from the seed.

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These steps are for new wallets based of BIP39 seeds.

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Get your seed. Login to your account, click on Security Center then click on Backup Phrase. Be aware that onced the phrase is backed up, you wont be able to access it again on So note it down carefully.

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Added an extra step. Blockchain Wallet, you mean like Bitcoin Core? Which software/exchange did you get your wallet from? follows the BIP 44 standard for derivation paths, so the default account has a derivation path m/44/0/0/0

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I would appreciate a simple step-by-step guide to migrate from Blockchain wallet ( to Electrum wallet. Presumably I would have to use my wallet seed words to create a new Electrum wallet. Is there a step-by-step guide for this operation?

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I do your tutorial step by step 1-2-3-4 But in electrum wallet, I dont see my coins :/ How long need to wait what coins to show in Electrum? I wait for 1h. Or maybe need to configure Electrum? Thank you!

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P.S. I am not allowed to use migration and also Blockchain Wallet tags because I am a newbie

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You should now have migrated to Electrum.

Start Electrum, choose to restore a standard wallet, then restore from seed, enter your seed, then click options and check the BIP39 seed box. ->

@Thomas they should show up immediately, maybe you got an old fo wallet?

Thanks for the extra information. I will try it. My wallet is this: /store/apps/details?

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