How to Make Personalized RewardPlay Money?

Under 3:4, now choose the frame with four photo slots.

Now press the bottom left button to choose a different frame.

Choose which money template you would like to use (I used the US one hundred dollar bill).

Center each of your dollars with your finger to your liking.

At this point you can take a photo by choosing camera, choose a photo already taken from your camera roll or choose a photo previously used from this app.

Im a full time mommy of two wonderful kids ages 7?and 3?. ?I love creating anything and everything?

Slide the bar all the way to the left so your dollars fill the whole page.

If you havent already…download the awesome fun app Lab. Then open it, of course ? Oh and download Pic Jointer too if you dont already have that app as well ?

Photo of child, person or character of your choice

These can be used as play money or for a reward system. Kids can earn these dollars then be able to spend them on special rewards. Think of all the big things they can learn from these little dollars.

Press the bottom right button that has the square and a diagonal line with arrows.

This time no adjustments need to be made because your previous adjustments are still in effect from the three bill collage you made. Your bills should be fully covering the whole page.

Your finished image is ready to be printed ? Print an 8×10 right from your own computer or take it to a photo lab (I used Sams Club 1 hour @ $1.46 per 8×10). Use next step for cropping information.

Printer or photo center of your choice

Scroll down, find and tap on Money templates.

Choose Save to Photo Album. After it has been saved press Done in the top left corner.

Select the collage frame under 3:4 that has three horizontal rectangle slots for your photo money.

I actually made them for my sons reward system. He gets Curran Cash each day he fulfills his responsibilities and gets a sticker on his chart at school. Then he can spend them on special rewards.

Now you have some play money. The bills measure approximately 3.875 inches wide by 1.625 inches high.

Press the top right button to save the dollar collage.

You can now save your twelve bill collage again to your camera roll. I chose to save in high resolution this time for printing.

Wait patiently through the processing, processing, processing…downloading, downloading, downloading…and YES, finally your result!! Press the save button to save your lovely money ?

How to Make Personalized Reward/Play Money?

Replace with/add the three bill collage you just saved, to the slots.

Thank you for checking out my very first guide. I hope you enjoyed it!! Have a wonderful day!! ?

Press the (x) to close this feature.

Crop your photo so just the head of your image fits in the selected area. Then press process.

Take or choose the picture you would like to have on your reward/play money.

When cropping to print, move the image so you have the full dollars showing at the bottom. The bills at the top will not be full (top will be cut off). You will get ten full bills per page.

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