iVIEW 3100STB Digital Converter Box with Recording Media Playback and Universal Remote

I cancelled my satellite service last year. My old analog TV was still sitting in the living room. Went online at and searched for a converter box & antenna. This was just what I needed. The price was great and now my old 25 clunker is up and running. I get all of the basic channels plus more. The digital picture is clear. Very happy with my purchase.

iVIEW 3100STB Digital Converter Box with Recording, Media Playback and Universal Remote

It is very small and has a short cord so placing it next to the TV is tricky. The set up was pretty easy and the channels scanned quickly. We are able to get 90% of our local channels without having to move the antenna. The remote control is colorful which helps with finding the right functions. When you change channels it does not go directly to it there is a hesitation which is alittle annoying. All in all it was worth it and is very reasonably priced.

I live 60 miles from the transmitters and this is my third converter box since the changeover. My previous one still works but I bought this when I discovered that they now record. My old box picks up about 30 stations. This new one picks up only 10 during the channel scan. You cannot use the remote to try to select channels not picked up during the scan. You could do this with my previous boxes. The 10 channels it does pick up looked great and it has quite a few features that the old boxes do not have, however 10 channels is not good enough. I moved my antenna around and scanned for channels five times and still only picked up 10. I am not happy with it but plan to keep it since it was only 20 bucks. I may pass it on to someone who lives closer to the transmitters.

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Being a digital converter box, while true, is the least of what this little jewel is or does! Its a digital video recorder! A DVR for a song! It also plays almost all computer/internet video formats (ie, mpg, avi, mp4,…). It displays or does a slide show of digital images in almost all image formats (ie, jpg, gif, …). It records to, or plays from memory devices plugged into its USB port. It records real time or scheduled in advance. It accepts flash drives or hard drives up to 3TB! Thats enough to binge watch for thousands of hours! Its menuing system is a bit non-obvious, but just takes a bit of getting used to. You might have to do something not typical for an American male: read the instructions! (I didnt an havent.) I may just get a second of these just to keep as a spare. This is the slickest little item Ive run into in quite a while, and its a shockingly good value! You gotta getcha one!

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Compact device and easy to set up TV channels. User manual does not indicate what USB flash drive recording speed is minimal. I had to try various SD cards to find out the min was a Class 10 speed. The converter box shuts down after a timed recording. How do you record more than one show if it turns off? User manual, in print or online, is a bare minimum and some of terms used are confusing. English in the manual needs to be improved. As a converter box it works fine, if that is all you want. The INFO key is nice but it takes up too much room on the screen for amount displayed. I could not find a way to stop a scheduled recording. I had to let it complete. As with other devices, the acronym PVR (personal video recorder) is odd. Have to get used to that one. The number pad on the remote is not setup like a other remotes like a calculator keypad.

Ive been trying to consolidate my expenses, cable being one of them. I now need a DVR to record my local OTA channels(( I go to bed now at 8:30) and miss a lot of my shows. Now if you have esp to get it to record youll be fine. I had this for 1 1/2 weeks and still couldnt get it to work. The directions were a joke. Needless to say it was returned. I bought a Koramzi CB105. Hooked it up, did my channel scan and then tried recording a few ways. Schedule to record while tvs on watching same program. Tv being off (not DVR box though that was on) And tv being off on one channel and scheduling another channel to record and EVERYTHING worked. I was soooo happy. Just followed direction to record and it worked. Yeah!!!!!

iVIEW 3100STB Digital Converter Box with Recording, Media Playback and Universal Remote

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This product is very unintuitive and I could not get any channels to play after letting it search for channels. The instructions are extremely poor. The were no definitive step by step diagrams and instruction to operate each available option, its as if they figured you knew what you were doing. To top it off there is very poor and confusing language in the instruction booklet. If the product actually does work they need to completely redo the instruction booklet. I researched to brand and found videos of other people having a difficult time making the product work. Guess I should have done that first and saved myself the headache and wasted time.

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Its a great value for the money spent. This is basically a digital to analog converter for old analog TVs. However, it has an HDMI out which can be used to transmit digital audio and video using a HDMI cable. I cut the cord on cable due to the cost and went to an Over The Air Antenna. Hooked the antenna into the box and and an HDMI cable to the TV. Presto, 32 channels all free after doing the setup scan. Simple to install and works superbly. Only drawback is the remote control which is very sluggish and a basically useless menu.

Great little converter. Its a little clunky in that you have to put 4 digit channels in, such as 1001 for 10-1, but once you figure that out, it works fine. Whats really great about it is that if you record somethng with closed captions, it shows the closed captions in the recording and most of them dont, Ive found. the Iview STB 3500 doesnt show them on replay and this one does. I bought two of these and both work fine so far. Ive had them about a month. the remote is a little small and hard to read but the Iview STB 3500 remote is a nice size and works with this converter box.

After reading reviews I was undecided on buying, but for $20.00 I was willing to try it. The remote was an issue at first; you just have to make sure it is pointed in front of the box. It works just like a VCR and I can freeze and rewind my shows. Im pleased with it.

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