Printable Play Money for Kids

Chimp Bucks are also a lot cleaner than real paper money. After all, who knows where those crumpled Washingtons, Lincolns and Hamiltons have been?

Play money is also a wonderful reward system for children. When a child deserves a reward, give them play money to let them buy treats, like ice cream, their favorite snack, or an extra half-hour before bedtime. This concept works well both at home and in the classroom.

Now, combine the fun of play money with something else children love: Monkeys! What do you get? Monkey Money, also known as Chimp Bucks. Get your very own printable play money Chimp Bucks right here. Theres a one dollar note, a five dollar note, a ten dollar note, a twenty dollar note, and even a hundred dollar note!

This page has free printable play money for kids and a play money template. Play money is a great tool to help kids understand how money works, how to spend or save wisely, and how to properly value items.

Thank you! Exactly what I needed as an award system.

Thank you so much for making these money blanks. I am using them to make Disney money for my kids to earn for our upcoming trip.

[] sources for Booth Bucks PDF: Picture of William Booth Template

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With play money, children may gain a bit of insight into how the real world works. They may also inadvertently discover their own career goals, as they imagine being bank tellers, grocery clerks, or venture capitalists (Hey, some kids are ahead of the game).

Whatever you decide to use them for, I hope this play money will inspire fun activities and enjoyment. If you have a moment, please leave a comment. Id love to hear how you decided to these printables for kids.

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