Printable Play Money Templates

Older kids can learn money counting skills bybeing the cashier in thelesson


Want an easy way to teach your kids how to write a check? The best way for them to learn is through practice and repetition.

Use the template printed money as a reward/point system. If they reach a certain goal in play money given, reward them with something they deserve (You have to decide whats within reason)

Children can learn a lot of essential lessons through role play with fake pretendmoney (example: Setup a pretend grocery or candy store and have your kids shop with only a setamount of funds. Theyll have a blast and wont even realize they are learning about budgeting!)

Click hereto download and print a free check worksheet where they can practice writing checks. A good realistic way to get them interested is totake a receiptyou dont need anymoreandhave your kids make believe they need towrite a checkas if they were going to pay for the items.

How to Teach Your Kids UNFORGETTABLE Lessons on How to Handle Money and Avoid Debt!

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for fun ways to teach your kids how to handle money.Printable playmoney templates help makegames andlessons unforgettable!

Click the image below to be taken to the How to write a check page

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Example object lessons with fake pretendmoney are much more effective than lessons on worksheets

Can Help Your Kids Learn about money:

Theres even a template foryou toadd yourown faces to printed money!

Kids take a higher interest in things that they feel ownership of what their using. Nothing says OWNERSHIP better than

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Math skills are sharpened using visual aids (the visual aid being the printed money of course)

Add a Face Instantly to Play Money Using Your


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