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On or off, these easy-to assemble earrings make a statement.

Control the color of these LED party shoes and matching bracelet wirelessly with Adafruits handy app

A friend needed a wheelchair for their French Bulldog at short notice.

One of the most fun and satisfying projects in my book Fabric and Fiber Inventions is the little cardboard loom.

Hydro dipping is the process of transferring images from hydrographic film onto nearly any 3D object by floating the image in a tub of water.

Give Hanukkah a high tech spin this year by crafting a menorah out of felt and circuits. Each candle will light up on its own when added to the candelabra.

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Build NFC RFID chips right into your manicure, then command your gadgets with a fingertip

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Build a dashboard gadget that scans constantly for potential gas pump card skimmers

The Rainbow Lightbox uses an array of mylar tubes to create beautiful pixelated shadows of color and light. Its pretty fun to play with!

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With the Big Face Box, you can hilariously enlarge your entire face. Grab some cardboard, a lens, and some LEDs, and try it out!

How I created my makerspaces inexpensive, suspended LED signage

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This is going to be a pretty code heavy project, but if youve never built anything with Raspberry Pi, this is a great place to get started.

This drone ballistic parachute recovery system, based on an Arduino microcontroller, uses sensors to determine GPS coordinates.

Hack a click pen to make a mini pinball game.

Stay inspired with the Make: newsletter

Stay inspired with the Make: newsletter

Sunlight may be free, but transforming it into usable electricity is not. Build some small-scale solar power by transforming a 25-watt semi-flexible panel into a practical battery charger.

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Build a braille embosser for a fraction of the cost of commercial machines

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