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IOTA: Networking for Autonomous Vehicles Alliance

The John McAfee story: How to become a millionaire through paranoia

Bitcoin Wal moves 48,000 Bitcoin for 4 cents fees

The $ 40 million bitcoin hack that never happened

-0.63%24HEthereum Classic(ETC)17.10

21e800 Satoshi is a time traveller?

John McAfee predicted that the Bitcoin price in 2020 will be $ 1 million. On Twitter, he constantly railed against HitBTC and even in the hospital does not stop to promote selected ICOs. But…

Swiss Financial Supervision approves MetaHashCoin

Polands Largest Crypto Exchange BitBay Now Offers FX Products

Opera introduces the first browser with built-in crypto wallet

ViceCoin The Currency for All of your Vices

-1.25%24HBinance Coin(BNB)13.02

Real payments on Coingate via the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Technically, the first cryptocurrency was worth less than 10 cents when it was introduced in 2009. Bitcoin has since steadily risen and is now around $ 5750. This is a remarkable increase in value…

Here Is How BitTorrent Is the Golden Goose for Tron (TRX)

We Are a Target of Cyber Threats, says Blockbid CEO

Anonymity, Privacy and Cypherpunk Ideals: Bitcoin Evangelist Antonopoulos in conversation with…

Fast Track Listing: Banks in Spain check use of blockchain on…

The $ 40 million bitcoin hack that never happened

Million Deal: Monaco (MCO) takes over the domain

Clipboard Hijacker: Malware empties Bitcoin wallets

Bug at Tether can be used for Double Spending

Ledger Nano S now supports TRON (TRX)

Swiss Financial Supervision approves MetaHashCoin

Ledger releases new software Ledger Live

Facebook partially unblocks cryptocurrency ads

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Domain selling can be an attractive business. For the sellers, however, it is said to be particularly patient until a buyer finds enough money for the matching domain on the table. According to TechCrunch, the…

Opera introduces the first browser with built-in crypto wallet

Swiss Stock Exchange wants to enable direct trading in cryptocurrencies

Largest Association of Investment Professionals Adds Crypto to Curriculum

3.26%24HBitcoin Cash(BCH)793.67

A Silicon Valley elite went all in on blockchain, Duran Liu…

New Mining Pool Vows to Enhance Profitability While Reducing Power Consumption

Ledger Nano S now supports TRON (TRX)

Malta the first world jurisdiction to provide legal certainty to Blockchain

The manufacturer Ledger, which produces the popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano S, today released a new software for the hardware wallets. The awkward use of Chrome Apps falls away with it. Also, it is…

Cardano: Mega-cooperation with Google?

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