A trust and efficiency engine like blockchain technology has the potential to drive radical change in the insurance industry while improving transparency and outcomes across the entire value chain Failure to act may consign many large players to the continuing trust deficit or, worse, irrelevance.

Within 20 years, financial services will be just software and smart contracts in particular will automate what institutions and people handle today.

The TontineTrust App allows members to login and check the size of the Tontine Member Pool and the assets being held in the Tontine.More interestingly, the App shows the members what their current projected monthly payouts will be for each month of their potential life expectancy up to age 120 years old.In this way, even in turbulent global market conditions, the member can quickly get assurance as to what their expected level of future payments will be.

Considered as a financial innovation, [the tontine] was very successful. Considered as insurance, it was actuarially sound. Considered as a gamble, it was a fair bet in as much as there was no percentage for the house beyond a charge to cover administrative costs. Considered as a life-cycle asset, it proved to be an excellent investment, earning a rate of return substantially in excess of that generally available on other assets.

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Although annuities offer a guaranteed lifetime income, they are relatively expensive because their issuers must hold a large capital buffer. Retired people tend not to like them as they pay a low rate. Tontines are simple to understand and could be much less costly than annuities because the risks are not taken onto the balance-sheet of an insurer.

TontineTrust believes that by implementing a fully regulated solution and an organizational system that ensures correct adherence to the highest standards of integrity and prudence, regulated access to major international markets shall be forthcoming for our products.

As a no-load, low-fee product, our Tontines can provide an estimated 40%+ higher payout than an equivalent annuity product from the start which enhances your quality of life

*TontineTrust is not affiliated with The Royal Mint & will simply utilise their RMGs as the preferred means to transparently evidence full gold collateralisation of our Gold Standard Tontine Pensions.

Offers a guaranteed rate annuity plus

As with the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, the time is right for a trustlesspeer-to-peer system which offers users substantial cost & time

TontineTrust does not currently have in place any BIN Sponsorship agreements with card issuing schemes for our TON Card however we are confident that these can and will be obtained in accordance with our roadmap as updated from time to time.

Universities, Financial Institutions & the Financial Media

The following examples are estimated upon a 65 year male resident in the UK

Our flagship product will be an ETF based Tontine Pension designed to deliver optimal returns based upon Nobel Prize Winning Research.

Offers a guaranteed payout rate but which

Typical retirement products like Lifetime Annuities are issued by Insurance Companies.The cost of the Insurers guarantee together with the sales commission (the load) and management fees effectively reduces the capital invested on day 1 to an estimated 70% of the invested amount.Our Tontines are peer-to-peer risk sharing products with no central guarantor. The result of having 100% invested rather than 70% invested is 42.85% higher returns.

Returns are probabilistic based upon mortality rates & investment returns

Other retirement products are complex & hard to understand, Tontines are simple & transparent. Members always have unparalleled visibility on the the underlying ETF or other assets as well as projected future payouts.

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Concept Development with a view to solving a major, growing global problem on the blockchain ✔Robo-Actuary Concept✔

Tontines pose less risk to members than conventional annuities since there is no contractual obligation on payout, no counter-party risk and no need for insurance-company reserves

Tontines by design only continue making payouts to the living members. This means that as members grow older and eventually start to pass away, the remaining payouts which they would have received now stay in the pool for the benefit of those members who go on to live the very longest.The Tontine system is designed to monitor the payout rates and mortality rates within the member pool so as to increase monthly payouts as soon as possible but only by amounts which it has calculated that it is safe to increase payouts by.

To be fully backed by RMGs, a digital asset issued by the Royal Mint backed by ownership of physical gold in their UK vaults*

Countries, States & Corporations can contribute to new Social Security systems & Pensions which are ALWAYS fully funded & which protect recipients in the event of national financial crises, currency devaluations or corporate bankruptcies

Different communities have different financial security needs

TontineTrusts Social Security & Pension system is ALWAYS fully funded & benefits members through substantially lower costs

You get thrown 30-, 40-, 50-page documents explaining some kind of annuity using this particular background, and 12 different kinds of investments that feed into it, and your eyes gloss. By comparisonthe tontine is unbelievably simple you can explain it in two pages.

The token sale does not constitute an offer of securities or a promotion, invitation or solicitation for investment purposes. The terms of the contribution are therefore not intended to be a financial services offering document or a prospectus. the token offering involves and relates to the development and use of experimental software and technologies that may not come to fruition or achieve the objectives specified in the white paper. The purchase of tokens represents a high risk to any contributor. Tokens do not represent equity, shares, units, royalties or rights to capital, profit or income in the network or software or in the entity that issues tokens or any other company or intellectual property associated with the network or any other public or private enterprise, corporation, foundation or other entity in any jurisdiction.

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The cash balance is drawn down over 20 years

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Biometrically authenticated members will receive monthly payouts to their Tontine Accounts linked to TonCards which can be used at over 40 million merchants and ATMs worldwide.

The Tontine: A 17th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem.. What is insurance except a pool of people coming together to share risks? What better product for our era than a crowd-sourced, peer-to-peer, sharing economy life insurance solution.

Accepts contributions in & invests in a well diversified portfolio of selected crypto currencies & digital assets

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We take security seriously. Our Tontines are locked to each members encrypted identity. Only biometrically authenticated members can authorise payouts.

Fast forward to 2017 and the top 20 OECD countries face a$78 Trillion pension shortfall & Fitch Ratings have now alsodowngraded the insurers which are the counterparties of manyof the most widely held private pension products.

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We are continuing to gain attention and feature in both online and printed publications

Tontines are a 300 year old retirement funding solution which in the late 19th century were so popular that over half of all US households had invested the modern equivalent of $170Bn in a tontine.

Comparing a Tontine to an Annuity is like comparing an iPhone to a calculator

Still popular in France, in 1906 they fell out of favour in the US due to the insurance company issuers tampering with the membership ledgers &then withdrawing too much investor capital as insurer profits.

A Tontine resembles a simple low-fee annuity with lifetime payments. Yet unlike an annuity.a Tontine can pay a higher yield because of its relative simplicity of structure.

Balanced multi-asset global ETF portfolios benefiting from Nobel Prize Winning Research

Tokenomics refined to generate network effects ✔Team Expansion Commences ✔

To authorise their monthly payouts, the Tontine system sends notifications and/or emails to members requesting that they login to their accounts and enter their PIN numbers.To Login to their account, the member simply follows the instructions in their TontineTrust App which will allow the member to login using a combination of facial recognition and/or voice recognition thereby assuring the member and TontineTrust that only the correct member has logged in.

financial security to the global community

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Tontines continue to receive endorsements from Financial Scholars,

TontineTrust does not offer trustee services & is a not an approved trustee in any jurisdiction.

The Tontines only continue payouts to surviving members. This causes the payouts to escalate over time (often dramatically in later years) independently of underlying investment returns.

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TontineTrust intends to partner with one or more existing major trust service providers in key regions to ensure that Tontines are issued in compliance with local rules. As part of this process, TontineTrust may establish or participate in regulated trusts in recognised jurisdictions.


Tontine Historian at Columbia Law School

Blockchain is the new technology of Trust

Former AIG Japan Strategist, ex Goldman Sachs, Advisor

Tontines historically outsell annuities 5 to 1 simply because they pay so much more & reward healthy living.

The Tontine platform is powered by TON Tokens or TON$, a new digital currency which rewards partners & financial advisors for helping the platform grow its assets and reach new markets.

Quant / Programmer responsible for Robo-Actuary Optimisation

efficiencies and is properly secured by advanced mathematics,immutable ledgers & pseudonymous accounts.

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