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Perhaps the best thing that Ripple has going for it is that its seen asperhaps legitimate is not the right wordhaving a sheen of stability on it that is certainly not present in Bitcoin and somewhat lacking in Ethereum.

A much better project is Stellar Lummens, its not only for banks but for organisations and everyday people to use and transfer money. Hence there is a demand for the coin, Ripple is mainly designed for banks and Stellar Lummens is designed for everyone.

Ripple still has some growing room left, but meteoric rises like those seen at the end of 2017 will naturally be few and far between, and its safe to assume that the price changes will settle into more sustainable ranges. This is especially likely for a coin like Ripple which can benefit from price stability.

Diving deeper into the numbers, Ripple is currently listed on 30 exchanges. The San Francisco-based startup also claims that there were $11.06 billion worth of XRP transactions in the second quarter of 2017.

Their institutional focus has made Ripple the target of many criticisms, mostly unfounded in my view. They are decentralizing strategically, they have put a majority of the XRP created in escrow to ensure a predictable supply, they are listed on a growing number of crypto exchanges, and they continue to be quite visible on steering committees and at official meetings where governance and compliance with coming regulation are discussed at the highest levels. They also continue to staff up with knowledgeable people. All things that need doing.

Ways exist to mitigate risk as to how to speculate or invest in crypto, but in the end you pays your money, and you takes your chances.

While weve already laid out some key differences that separate Ripple from other coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin, is there anything makes investing in Ripple a safer bet versus going for bitcoins or ETH? The answer is yes.

Instead, by stability, Im referring to the fact that the company is just thata company. It has executives, a marketing department, employees. This all gives it the optics that its not some fly-by-night computer whiz trying to make a quick buck off a very speculative market.

While the cryptocurrency market as a whole is crazy right now, with radical shifts in fortune from one day to the next, that only means that the ability to make money is there for the right type of investor with the right type of strategy.

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First, the coins parent company owns most of the Ripple coins, and there is no way to mine the coin, unlike inBTC and ETH.

You can get Stellar Lummens coins on Binance and if you use my link youll save 50% on trading fees.

Ethereum is only slightly better, with an actual face to put to the name of the creator. In this case, itwasa whiz-kid computer nerd who came up with an idea on how to expand and improve cryptocurrencies. While many support the organizational structure behind ETH, it still has quite a few holdouts that favor the Bitcoin model, and this has caused trouble for the coin in the past.

Now lets talk about their bank deals. With Ripple what you need to understand is all the bank deals are with the Ripple Foundation and it hasnothingto do with the Ripple Coin, sure if the banks want to use the coin to transfer money, they can.

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And compared to its two larger siblings, BTC and ETH, thats a huge boon in its favor.

As bank customers, we should be in favor of transactions with increased transparency, higher speed of settlement, interoperability, and other positive features of the Ripple solution. The need for liquidity in this process goes hand in hand with a higher price for XRP.

In the world and industry of cryptocurrencies, the big names often dominate the news, where in our case Bitcoin and Ethereum dry out the news everyday. But that all depends on how deep and well you research through the market. The just started person probably has heard only of Bitcoin, while the casual observers will likely know Ethereum, and then invested watchers will certainly know a whole lot more. But Ripple, the third incoming of the Top cryptocurrencies down from ETH by market cap, is now emerging on the scene with massive gains and causing excitement among investors. This makes the Ripple price prediction 2018 and investing in Ripple some of the hottest topics in the investment world.

But beyond those promising numbers, the Ripple coin is unique in quite a few other ways.

In 2018, Stellar Lummens will at least do 10X, in my opinion.

Which brings us to why Ripple may be the best investment of the three. The company does not have a figurehead whose life could dictate the value of the coin. And it doesnt have the lack of leadership around which Bitcoin models itself.

Bitcoin famously doesnt have any sort of centralized authority. After all, the cryptocurrency is supposed to be a response and alternative to centralized authorities controlling currency. The creator of Bitcoin isnt even known, and while many people have their hunches and beliefs, the whole system is pretty fluid and therefore suffers from thatBitcoin volatility reputation.

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Q:What will set XRP apart from other cryptocurrencies?

XRP fees per transaction are measured as fractions of a penny. BTC fees per transaction are measured in dollars.

What could be the future value of Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency?

In the grand scheme of things this is in my opinion Ripple XRP is more like a tech advancement on how payments as a whole from beginning to end get transacted digitally. It can be used with credit cards and online shopping from one country to another. You personally dont use Ripple itself as a means of currency, it gets used by those that process the payments. it goes from hours and days down to mer seconds globally. So it actually an advancement in how any currency can be sent and or received. Which is quite amazing. The market lacked that and Ripple is providing that.

A lot of people confuse two things:Ripple, the cryptocurrencyandRipple Foundation.

No one can answer that question. If they claim they can, run dont walk away.

So in the end who really wins? The Ripple Foundation and owning the Ripple coin gives youNOshare in the Ripple Foundation or the money that the foundation will make.

Do you think cryptocurrency has a future?

The Ripple FoundationpreminedRipple Coinsand also the control the majority of the supply. So they can control the price and whatever happens to the coins future.

What is the future of CryptCarbon (cryptocurrency)?

A:What sets XRP apart from the other major digital assets is that XRP is highly performant and optimized for institutional use in global payments. While Im personally loving BTC and a believer that its solving a different use case, the reality is that today the average time to complete a BTC transaction is about four hours. In contrast, XRP is about four seconds. A couple of other similar comparisons important for payments and enabling an Internet of Value:

When it comes to the Ripple XRP price, the numbers are all rather positive so far, which is why investors are so interested in the cryptocurrency.

What could be the future value of Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency?

Where does that leave us with the Ripple price prediction 2018?

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With its large supply, and currently limited use, investors will want to be wary of readjustments following price rises. This is especially true for a coin like Ripple that benefits from stable pricing, and is designed more for corporate use than individual use.

A:Some of our customers are already in the early stages of using xRapid, Ripples XRP liquidity solution. Payments into emerging markets can require multiple currency traders (added costs) and pre-funded local currency accounts in the destination (trapped, dormant capital). Instead, payment providers and banks can use XRP to fund these payments on demand, without intermediaries, at a cost that is less than half of the current cost.

How will Ripple revolutionize finance?

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Finally, the company believes that it has superior tech, claiming that it can process 70,000 transactions a second, whereas the Bitcoin transaction speed is a comparatively paltry seven transactions per second, though the community is looking to double that with new software. (Source: The value of the worlds third biggest cryptocurrency has risen by almost 3,000% this year,Business Insider,July 24, 2017.)

Which one is a better investment, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple?

But in terms of a long-term buy-and-hold strategy, which is how I believe it is best to play the market considering the propensity for wild swings, then the Ripple XRP price is probably one of the friendlier buys investors could make.

Is Ripple (XRP) like a hole in a bucket of water?

What do you think of Ripple and other cryptocurrency currencies and their future?

, CryptoCurrency Analyst Crypto Advisor Vivid Researcher

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The XRP ledger can handle more than 1500 transactions/second. BTC is currently ~15 transactions/second.

Finally, it is still emerging market for cryptocurrencies, It may seem like the sky is falling sometimes but its not. , there is a silver lining.

In fact, when ETH leaders came in and instituted a fix to prevent a hacking loophole, some owners of ETH were so against the idea of a centralized authority that they splintered off and formed a rival cryptocurrency called Ethereum Classic, or ETC.

The market as a whole is not for the faint of heart, but if you believe in cryptocurrencies and can stomach the volatility, then the Ripple price prediction 2018 is certainly looking positive, and investing in the Ripple coins could be one of the better moves you make all year.

The company also has an air of legitimacy due to some of its past actions.

What excited you about Ripple when you joined it?

So heres the answer verbatim from the man himself.

AnswersbyBrad Garlinghouse, CEO ofRipple, onQuora:

After all, remember that Ripple holds about $7.0 billion in terms of market cap but is still valued at far less than a dollar. A Ripple coin, as of the writing of this piece, trades for $0.17, which is far cheaper compared to the $2,000-plus BTC or the $200.00-plus ETH.

Whats your prediction for XRP Ripple cryptocurrency for 2020?

Ripples CEO On Cryptocurrencies And The Future Of XRP

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And on top of that, the prodigy who started EthereumVitalik Buterinis considered to be one of the primary drivers of the ETH price. So much so that when a rumor was started on4Chanthat the young man had died in a car accident, some exchanges saw the value of ETH drop so dramatically that the price fell from hundreds of dollars to less than a dollar in a single day. Of course, all this was corrected when it was later revealed that he was alive and well, but when an entire company is hanging on the life of a single person, it doesnt exactly lend confidence to investors.

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Q:How close are we to XRP being adopted by the banks?

Now, by stability, I dont mean the Ripple price. That is likely to fluctuate in as radical a fashion as the cryptocurrency market on the whole has for the past few years. That means strong highs, rapid gains, but equally rapid sell-offs and falls.

Whats your prediction for XRP Ripple cryptocurrency for 2020?

But its safe to say that we have to crawl before we walk before we run. This is uncharted territory for banks and payment providers and its going to take time before you see broad adoption of digital assets solving this multi-trillion dollar opportunity. Suffice it to say, we are very pleased by the interest from various pilots our customers are already running.

Some of the uses being implemented for blockchain could actually work better with a database. There are examples out there that blockchain is not most applicable for and that is why Ripple is focused on a real world use case, solving a real (and very large) customer problem, which has converted into commercial traction that is unmatched in the enterprise blockchain space.

Which cryptocurrency today will rise like Ripple?

Going off what we know, theres a lot of good reasons to be positive about the Ripple coin.

Ripples website contains much useful information and real-time transaction data. The xrpChat forum is useful to browse and learn what retail speculators are thinking. Do your own research and focus on the fundamentals I am not giving you investment advice. While I had and continue to have good reasons to believe Ripple and XRP will do very well over time because of their steady groundwork and relentless focus on building their network so it can help transform the current financial system while working from within, predicting prices is a fools errand. This is true for gold, stocks, and more so for crypto, where value is still being defined and human nature being what it is price is often decoupled from anything other than speculation and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), instead of focusing on the long-term potential to transform our lives for the better via increased transparency, among other things.

I shall not comment on this but point you to the expert – the CEO of Ripple himself. His opinion carries the most weight, in my view. There are many links to interesting related articles too.

What is the future of Ripple cryptocurrency?

While generally, many people think they are the same thing, there is a huge difference between the Ripple Foundation which owns the Ripple Currency and the price action and movement of Ripple, the coin.

With all that going for it, does that make the Ripple coin an attractive investment opportunity? And should you care about Bitcoin volatility when looking at the Ripple XRP price?

For instance, last year, Ripple announced the setup of its first interbank global payments group, which included big name banks likeBank of America Corp(NYSE:BAC), theRoyal Bank of Canada(TSE:RY) andWestpac Banking Corp(ASX:WBC).

How is Hightail different from the other file sharing services?

Contrast this with Bitcoin, an asset with no clear use case, no governance, high transaction costs and slow speeds, and a growing number of conflicting forks (versions, which also add to the number of derived coins in circulation.) Bitcoin is also far from the decentralization purists crave bitcoins are mined in a way that consumes vast amounts of electrical power (eco concerns, anyone?) and, furthermore, mining hash power is concentrated in a handful of groups/pools in China and you may be puzzled by all the hype around it. Bitcoin, being the first crypto asset, also became the default gateway currency on many exchanges, and was/is needed to purchase/sell other crypto assets (fiat currency (USD) – Bitcoin – other crypto), creating an apparent demand for it which is not of the buy and hold type. With Bitcoin futures now a reality, so is the possibility of shorting it. Wall St. will do what Wall St. does.

Ripple is a small, privately held company, with very competent developers and hard-working management. Because their primary (until now) use case has been cross-border payments between banks, they have had to focus on regulatory compliance and, to start with, have chosen to target payment corridors that are slow and involve high fees first. The Ripple network solution can reduce costs significantly, speed up transfers from days down to seconds while also reducing errors, and provide real-time info as to the status of the tasks and money flows involved the current technology in use by SWIFT falls short on all accounts. If the banks choose to use XRP, their costs are further reduced. Adopting Ripples solution also frees billions of dollars tied up in nostro and vostro accounts and currently needed to fund transfers and conversions.

And Ripple is taking things slow. The company only recently revealed plans to begin selling its coins, and this led to a spike of interest and investment.

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, lives in New York City (2017-present)

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First, there are the huge gains that the coin experienced. The Ripple price jumped nearly 4000% in the first half of 2017. Being a penny stock (well, a fraction of a penny at the beginning of its run), this company is obviously subject to the wild swings that you often see in other similarly priced trades in very frothy markets. After all,Bitcoin volatility is famous, and its that type of notoriety that scares away some investors.Its not bitcoin or ethereum: This digital currency rose 3,977% in the first half of 2017

At the moment, its likely that Ripple will continue to mirror ETH and BTC, gaining in step with the market. It wont be until the company begins firing on all cylinders and the cryptocurrencies transition from speculative buys into actual proof-of-concept investments by the larger investment community that well see major differentials between companies.

Is Ripple XRP a good investment? How do I buy Ripple?

So the Future looks far better especially with the almost ancient design of bitcoin itself. Invest, invest, invest!

But heres where things get interesting.

Which one is a better investment, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple?

, DPhil Software Engineering & Control Engineering, University of Oxford

As someone who has put money into the purchase of XRP, Ripples native asset for bridging currencies and fighting spam, I can say I did so because it is one of the very few if not the only one among 1000+ coins/tokens/assets today that has a real use case.

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If youre bullish on the cryptocurrency market, then Ripple should be on your radar, especially based off of a pretty positive Ripple price prediction 2018. If, however, you believe that cryptocurrency is in the midst of a bubble (as some analysts do), then Ripple is likely to suffer from the eventual popping of said bubble.

In Ripples instance, a variety of use cases are growing, including the recently announced Arrington fund, the first to be denominated in XRP. In addition to the 100+ banks already on board, retail payments are coming to the fore and new, important non-bank partnerships are in the works.

What is the future of the Ripple cryptocurrency?

Second, the company is very focused on international payments, rather than more nebulous claims by Bitcoin, like attempting to be the currency of the future. Ripple is instead focusing on specific use-cases, and that is the type of specificity that investors like to see. After all, focus instills confidence among market-watchers, so thats another boon to the Ripple price prediction 2018.

What is the future of CryptCarbon (cryptocurrency)?

SO thats why I am not sure where Ripple is headed in the future, sure, they may be some demand for the coin but like I stated earlier, the Ripple Foundation controls most of the coin supply so, there will be a constant supply of coins.

A:Blockchain is like the new big data or AI – too many people are using it as a buzzword and not focused solving a real problem. We like to call them Blockchain tourists! There are many applications that are nothing more than science experiments.

Q:What are some things about Blockchain that are just hype?

These types of moves go a long way towards building goodwill and investor confidence.

The company leadership is more solid than Ethereum and Bitcoin, has a strong market cap, a focused use-case for its coin, is less ideologically deadlocked than its closest siblings, and is very affordable right now.

But assuming youre positive on the cryptocurrency outlook and all the baggage that it entails, including hacking scandals and bubble warnings, Ripple might be one of the better investment opportunities around. Besides, while the cryptocurrency market certainly has its issues, there are very few places that an investor can find such potentially high returns on investment that weve witnessed in cryptocurrency.

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